As you may know, every purchase you make at helps to rescue animals in need. Since August 2017, we’ve donated five percent of every MUTTS purchase to the Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue Team, which saves animals from puppy mills, natural disasters, animal fighting operations, cruelty and neglect, and other life-threatening situations.

Here are some of the ways your purchases have helped animals in recent months.

More than 120 Animals Transported Out of Alabama in Wake of Devastating Tornadoes

In March, the Animal Rescue Team deployed to Alabama’s Lee and Barbour counties, which were hit with a blitz of devastating tornadoes. The team helped to transport more than 120 homeless, adoptable dogs and cats to animal rescue and shelter partners on the west coast, which freed up space in shelters for local animals. (Often, after events like these, shelters see an increase in the number of animals who are either lost or whose families have lost their homes and need to arrange temporary care for their beloved pets.)

In addition to creating space at shelters for other animals in need, relocation gives these animals a second chance at finding forever homes.

Nearly 200 Neglected Dogs, Cats, and Kittens Rescued in Killeen, Texas

In June, the rescue team helped law enforcement agents in Killeen, Texas remove nearly 200 cats and kittens, and several dogs, from a situation of alleged large-scale neglect. Several of them were nursing mothers with kittens, and a number of the animals were in need of urgent medical assistance. All were removed and transported to a safe location for housing and care.

150 Horses and Donkeys Rescued in Camp County, Texas

While still in the midst of caring for the cats and dogs in Killeen, a call came in to assist the Camp County Sheriff’s Office and Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement Home in removing approximately 150 horses from an alleged large-scale cruelty situation in Camp County, Texas. Veterinarians found the majority of the animals were severely underweight and suffering from a lack of basic care.

The animals were transported to a safe, secure location where they are receiving veterinary treatment. Many of the horses will have a long road to recovery ahead, but they are now able to rest in a clean, dry place with proper nourishment.

Over 120 Cats and Dogs Transported Out of Louisiana in Preparation for Tropical Storm Barry

In early July, the Animal Rescue Team flew more than 120 cats and dogs out of the path of Tropical Storm Barry. Most of the animals were from shelters just outside Lafayette, Louisiana, which was threatened with heavy rainfall and flooding.

The transports helped to free up space and resources for an influx of displaced animals. It also ensured that the transported animals were spared the distress of living through the storm, which can be especially frightening for cats and dogs in shelters.

Thank you for your support!

We sincerely appreciate your purchases. Thank you for your support of MUTTS and the HSUS’ Animal Rescue Team, and for joining us in helping to rescue animals in need.

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