Hello friends,

I’m hoping that MUTTS is giving you a little comfort and joy during these uncertain times. So many of you are doing what you can to help. Adoptions and fostering rates are way up. Animal shelters (like St. Hubert’s in New Jersey, for instance), are helping people keep their animals by providing pet food to families suddenly in need. Nikki, a member of our own team, has been sewing masks for her local hospital. And I’ve never seen so many people taking their dogs for walks. Thank you, everyone, for all the good you do.

The social isolation we are all experiencing is familiar to a daily cartoonist. We are “quarantined” to our drawing boards quite a lot and I love it there. Drawing, or doing anything creative, is so deeply rewarding. It’s like being in a meditative state. Time disappears.

Give it a try. Pick up a pen, pencil, crayons, Play-Doh, or a musical instrument. Choreograph a dance. Write a poem, a short story, a haiku. Don’t judge yourself, just get lost in the “work” and enjoy it. Be like a child playing.

Draw your own MUTTS comic strip. What would you have Earl and Mooch do? Paint a portrait of your favorite character. Write and draw a shelter story about your own rescued dog or cat. We would love to post and share your creations on our site. I know I would love to see them.

I was thinking I could choose a few of your shelter or foster stories and draw my own version in MUTTS for publication in newspapers around the world. And, of course I will give you writing credit. Ali from our team has provided instructions on our blog to help you get started.

I would be remiss if I didn’t wish Jane Goodall a very happy birthday. She turns 86 on April 3. Everyone should watch her video on COVID-19 and read her recent interview in the New York Times. Her Institute is also gathering stories about “what Jane means to you.” If you’d like to participate, share your story on their site or use the hashtag #becauseofJane on social media.

Earth Day will be here soon. Pollution is down and wildlife is finding space to thrive, a silver lining in this storm.

Stay safe, my friends.


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Cannot draw – but have Foster Story.
We foster Retired Racers. Got a call about a Greyhound with a broken leg, could we pick him up from the vet? Turns out, he was also heartworm positive. He was the sweetest boy through two months of treatments and casting . Fleck was adopted by the greatest older lady whose husband had just died. Ms. Lucy had wanted a Greyhound for 30 years, and now she’d found her heartdog! It was his turn to help her heal…
THIS is why we foster. These are what makes it worthwhile!
- Nancy Gazo

Nancy Ann Gazo

Two paws up!

Aunt Gina

Thank you Patrick for continuing to provide comfort and joy during these trying times. Your cartoon is the first thing I look at in the morning and always brings a smile to my face!


I thank you and all of your creative staff for your daily “Mood Booster.” You all will never know how much Mutts can lift a person, shed light on a problem, cause a person to stop and think, to be grateful, kind and appreciate. My thanks to all of you talented artists and for sharing the daily quotes which also feed our souls! You all are a blessing. A grateful and faithful reader.


Love Mutts and Earl. They have been my companions for twenty years. I have MUTTS all over the house. I saved the strip for years. Anytime spent re reading my MUTTS books is a happy place.


Than k you Patrick for “Mutts”. It at the top of my favorite comic strips.

Richard Slate

good thoughts, great words to remember. Thank you.