Recently, Patrick and the MUTTS comic strip were featured in The Jack Kirby Collector, a magazine for comic enthusiasts and admirers of the legendary creator Jack Kirby. He created or co-created thousands of characters including Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, and The New Gods.

Written by Glen Gold, the MUTTS feature appears in The Kirby Collector #78, which is a special Silver Anniversary Issue. This is an honor for Patrick, who is a longtime fan of the publication.

The article includes praise for MUTTS and explores the various artistic homages that appear regularly throughout the comic. It also discusses a couple of Patrick’s strips from last April, which paid tribute to the Jack Kirby comics Fantastic Four — and were inked by the renowned colorist Joe Sinnott. An excerpt of the article is available here.

Published 25 years after the launch of The Jack Kirby Collector #1, this special Silver Anniversary Issue also shows how Kirby kickstarted the Silver Age of Comics with Challengers of the Unknown, examines how Jack revamped Golden Age legacy characters for the 1960s and beyond, outlines the lasting influence of his signature creation The Silver Surfer, and more!

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Both two of my all time favorite artists. My wife and I have been reading comics since we were kids over 60+ years ago, and for me Patrick is the greatest living cartoonist with direct links to the old timers, Herriman, Raymond, Davis and especially Walt Kelly. Our world is the better for Jack’s and Patrick’s visions.