Yello! It’s some, some, summertime!

Since our last newsletter, the online MUTTS community seems more active and engaged than ever. On National Pet Memorial Day, hundreds of you shared your Rainbow Bridge stories with us — and we watched as our amazing community of readers offered hugs and support, even from afar, to those experiencing recent loss. When Ali from Team MUTTS wrote about finding a stray shih tzu, many of you inquired about adopting the dog. (This sweet pup ended up finding a forever home, by the way.) We also heard from a reader, age 19, who emailed us just to say the daily MUTTS email is an appreciated source of positivity in her life.

I speak for the entire team when I say we feel honored that you share these messages and important parts of your life with us. Thank you.

Here’s a bit about what’s been happening lately.

This fall, Team MUTTS will launch “MUTTS Social for Shelters,” an exciting new program that will provide free, curated social media content for animal shelters and rescue groups. This content will consist of MUTTS comic strips and other images (similar to what we usually post on FacebookInstagram, and our other social channels).

Our goal? To help shelters — big and small — boost their social media presence and get even more animals adopted. We will begin with a one-month pilot program on August 1, and we’re looking for shelters interested in participating. If you work or volunteer at a shelter or rescue group and would like to join our pilot program, click here to fill out a short questionnaire or visit our blog for more info about the project.

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending a seal release facilitated by the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, a wonderful non-profit organization based in Brigantine, New Jersey. The MMSC has responded to thousands of marine animal strandings since its founding in 1978.

At the release on June 18, which took place at New Jersey’s Sandy Hook Beach, three grey seals — two females and one male who had become injured and stranded due to ocean pollution — were released into the wild by MMSC staff. I was one of the animal lovers who watched from a distance. Seeing these rehabilitated seals make their way back into the water was a moving experience, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to witness it. You can read more about seal releases in this MMSC event write-up by MUTTS guest blogger (and ASPCA’s 2016 Kid of the Year), my friend Willow Phelps.

How can you help marine mammals (and all sea life)? One easy thing you can do is shun plastic straws.

As you likely know, I have long admired Dr. Jane Goodall and all she does to speak up on behalf of animals and the environment. On July 14, I invite you to join me in celebrating the first annual World Chimpanzee Day, in honor of the day in 1960 when Dr. Goodall first visited Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park.

The goals of this special occasion include raising awareness about the threats chimps face in the wild (like habitat loss and wildlife trafficking) and promoting their proper care in captive situations. We will be sharing chimp-related posts on the MUTTS blog and social media channels leading up to July 14, but in the meantime, you can also learn more by visiting

Here’s to a great summer where we can continue to show kindness to animals and each other.


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Thank you so much for helping animals, they can’t speak for themselves! 🐾🐈🐕🐶🐾

Sofie Fullerton

Hi Patrick,
On the first day of school every year I introduced all of the Mutts characters to my 2nd grade class via the Smartboard. Throughout the year we read together your strips for holidays, Zooland science unit, ones where you used puns and idioms, and many that showed just plain kindness. Often parents would ask me about Mutts and where they could read it! What a wonderful teaching tool-the kids LOVED it! I have received Mutts in my email for years and years and have them on my refrigerator and iPad. They are timeless and make me smile every day! Love all the Mutts characters, but especially Earl, and Mooch, who reminds me of my beloved 19 year old Burmese cat, Chai-Te. 💗


Thanks so much for Earl & Mooch, guard dog, etc. I love my daily Mutts. Also your books make great gifts for my nieces.😳

Midge Cogan

I’ve been enjoying Mutts daily for many many years. Thank you, Patrick for bringing these wonderful little characters into my life.

yvonne wortmann

Thanks for the “Daily Mutts” I get in my IN-Box and share with my husband. And Thank You for letting me share my pictures of our kitties Sarge & Miss Daisy on your site. Adopt/Re-Home/Rescue …Home/Food/Love…and keep safe…fur-ever.

Christine Armstrong

I love MUTTS!!!!! I have been reading it since it was first published and look forward to seeing it in my Facebook feed. thank you for all you do for animals in shelters and homeless animals also!

Melissa Miller

I could not endure the daily news if I didn’t start each morning with Earl and Mooch. Thank you.

Sandra Parshall

Mutts first thing every morning. What a way to start the day!! Always brings out so many emotions. And when Earl, Mooch, Stinky Puddin, et al, from time to time poke a bit of fun at us humans – well they are right on track with their observations. And we are the better for it.


It may not be the first email in the list but MUTTS is the first one I open. Thank you, Patrick, for always starting my day on a pawsitive note.❤️

Mare Stasik

As an Admin to Save Nosey Now, Inc, a non-profit dedicated to ending circus animal exploitation, it is often an emotional struggle to stay strong for the work that must be done to bring freedom to exotic animals held captive in circuses across the US and the world. Sometimes I forget to open my Daily Mutts. Then, when the moment comes that I need Mutts the most, there he is. Please support TEAPSPA, Traveling Exotic Animal & Public Safety Protection Act.

Adrienne Possenti