Dear friends,

Thank you for the overwhelming support of Butchie and the Fatty Snax Deli going veggie, something I have promised would happen for a long while. In doing some research, I learned Butchie would not be unique; there are already vegan butcher shops around the world — such as The Vegetarian Butcher in Holland and London, The Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis, and The Very Good Butchers in British Columbia.  It made me feel that it was realistic to have Butchie make the switch. I apologize to those who were worried that Earl and Mooch would go vegan, which was not my intention. We asked veterinarian and pet nutritionist Dr. Sarah Dodd to help us understand the issues better and she created a guest blog post for us.  We thank her for kindly shedding light on this topic. Earl and Mooch will continue to visit the Fatty Snax Deli and will still get their standard diets at home, being fed by Millie and Ozzie.

This past week, Dr. Jane Goodall celebrated the 60th anniversary of her initial journey to Gombe where she forever changed our understanding of our relationship to animals. It is hard to believe that she had to fight the “establishment” in voicing what we all now know to be intuitive: Animals have intelligence and feelings. She was the first to document that animals use tools, which at one time defined man as separate from the animal kingdom. Dr. Jane is a true saint, dedicating her life to spreading her message of hope and working tirelessly to save our fragile planet. In 2020 we need to hear that message more than ever. I feel more than blessed that though my book Me…Jane, I was able to meet and become friends with this extraordinary woman. We all need to do more in support of her efforts.

Thanks again to all who have submitted their own adoption comics and stories. It’s been so much fun reading them. You are a talented and compassionate group, and I appreciate the time you’ve taken to participate. In the coming months I’ll be selecting one or more to draw and put in the newspaper … and when I do, you will be the first to know. The final, updated submission deadline for this activity (that is, for your opportunity to be featured in the MUTTS comic strip) is August 15, but I welcome your messages and artwork at any time. I love seeing them.

Stay kind, stay the course, and keep safe.


P.S. You can learn more about Jaap Korteweg, “The Vegetarian Butcher,” in this video.

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I’ve really enjoyed Patrick’s comics over the years, but this is dog bone too far. Here Patrick is claiming that he’s only trying to persuade people to become vegetarian, but then why does he have a veterinarian guest-blogging, advocating for plant-based diets for DOGS?


It never occurred to me that our beloved Mooch, Earl and buddies would become vegan simply because Butchie has done so. Just like seeing canids and felines walk two-legged, speak English, wear a kitchen towel around the head or visit Africa, I allow my imagination take flight. No reason a vegan cannot share home with a carnivore!

Christine King

I’m with Joyce! It’s been heartbreaking at times to see him chained up and all alone. Maybe a new couple could “move into town” and adopt him? I love happy endings!


Love all aspects of your cartoons. My sister and I are true animal lovers. We have one adopted beagle Gena, and 7 cats all previously feral found in our yard, and 4 feral that continue to live outside in wooden houses we have provided. And no one can tell us animals have no feelings. Our family care for each other and look out for each other. Our cat cried when our previous dog passed. I am a vegetarian. Great to see that way of life presented in your cartoon. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

Margaret M. Smigielski

Would like to see a discussion from various veterinarians about this subject, not just the perspective of one whose opinions align with those of the author. Dogs are not herbivores, they are largely carnivores and must be tricked into eating meat-like substitutes. Cats are obligate carnivores. People whose ethics don’t allow them to eat meat should not have carnivores as pets; they should have rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, horses, etc. REAL animals out there, not just the talking fictitious ones in this comic strip, are being affected by dietary orthodoxy being forced on them by zealous owners.


Love Mutts and appreciate this letter. I would kindly ask that you include women, though. I know many people use the word “man” to apply to everyone. However, I feel invisible and think others agree with me. Please use a more inclusive term, there are many…humans, everyone, etc
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak up

Susan Dubow

Not to nag, but we’re still waiting on Guard Dog’s liberation. Please make it soon.

Joyce Ridner

Love the tool belt Mooch has … .. Feline and power tools .. Nice.


Please, Please, Please, Free Guard Dog! He deserves his day in the sun, free of his tether, like all good dogs. He has been so patient, and so understanding. His compassion has taught us all a very valuable lesson. Now it is his turn to benefit from us.

Kathlene Henry-Gorman

I was absolutely beyond delighted as I read the very first strip that Fatty Snax was going vegan….oh my heart went pitter patter… just another avenue to get the message out! My mantra for life has been be a voice for the voiceless… Mutts has always been there for that calling! Now, for the next step,…releasing my beloved Guard Dog… your strip comes to life in so many ways Patrick, I thank you, as all the Mutts Gang in us come together to try to make this world a better place for the animals and for all of us…we are just walking each other home… blessings and joy, sincerely Valerie

Valerie Jenkins