Welcome to the MUTTS November Newshletter. With November, we begin the season of gratitude and joy. And this November there is lots to be thankful for!

I’m enthused about a project that I have been working on with fellow cartoonist and Charles M. Schulz Museum board member Robb Armstrong. It’s in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Charles Schulz’s birth which is next Saturday, November 26th. I can’t say too much more here, but there will be an article about it which will appear in newspapers scheduled for Wednesday, the 23rd. As you know, ‘Sparky’ is the reason I became a cartoonist and Peanuts was a major influence on my comic strip. And it was Sparky who advised me to name my comic strip dog after my own dog, Earl.

The cover for my collaboration with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Heart To Heart, has finally been revealed (!) and the book will soon be available for pre-order, including here at MUTTS.com. The publisher has created a downloadable illustrated print for anyone who pre-orders. (We will supply the info needed so you can get yours.) The book itself will be available on January 24th, and it has a strong, hopeful message of environmental and animal protection. The book has been an honor to create and I am humbled and delighted by the result. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it.

The Me...Jane musical had performances at Northwestern University this month and, although I wasn't able to see the play, this review was so uplifting! It is one of my greatest hopes that the play will continue to reach our youth with Jane's Goodall's message of kindness and hope for our planet.

Giving Tuesday will be here soon, and I love that it has become an international event. MUTTS.com will participate by donating leashes, collars, and dog jackets to St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, and you can help (more on that soon). St. Hubert’s will then connect dog parents in need with these supplies so that their beloved fur family members have supplies for taking walks during the cold winter months. And, as members of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of every purchase — every day — to programs that help animals and the environment.

Wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Stay safe and be kind to the animals.




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Love Mutts. Thank you for your and compassionate and uplifting stories. Your drawing style is perfection.💕

Carl Schultz

So disappointed that Tom the Turkey didn’t make an appearance in the thanksgiving week strips this year. I guess that the vegan message didn’t go well with a lot of readers. Very sad and disappointed that it’s okay to mention compassion to dogs and cats and not the rest of the animals. Goodbye Mutts, it was fun while it lasted.


I’m so sad that there’s still NO update on when Guard Dog will be freed. It breaks my heart that years have passed by already since that tease. And, gee whiz—a whopping ONE whole percent of the profits will go to charity, eh?? Won’t the Dali Lama dude be disappointed that you’re being such a cheapskate?? (That’s ONE whole cent on every DOLLAR…. Yeah, that’ll buy a lot of supplies. 🙄)
I’m not buying any more of your merchandise until you tell us Guard Dog’s fate with his freedom from chains. I hated to have to write this. I love Mutts so much. *Peace.” 😿💔🐾😑🍀💜💙

Amy Carson

I too have been a Peanuts fan since I was a young girl and cut out the cartoons from my daily newspaper. I still have those old strips! Your Mutts strip has the same sweetness and animal love as Peanuts. No wonder I love it too!
I knew Linus Maurer – the friend of Charles Schultz who was the inspiration for the character Linus. We lived in the same town in Marin County CA. Linus was a wonderful cartoonist too.
Thank you for all your support for shelter animals.

Linda Rafferty

Linda Rafferty

Any chance of getting information about that cartoon? It has a Schultz signature, but the earliest I can track it back to is 2014 — which is 14 years after he died.

Christopher Simpson

Thank you for all that you do to support St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ and other shelters! Love Mutts and the messages it sends – thank you!

Connie Olson

SO looking forward to both the Schulz birth anniversary and the collaborative Dalai Lama book! The quality of gentleness in the Mutts world, coupled with the strength and fortitude of your global/environmental consciousness, is inspiring, always. Many thanks for the beautiful messages of loving connection to all creatures you share with us daily!

Jane Artabasy