Last month, we asked you to join us in sending some much-needed goodies to our friends at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center and the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) during a "Stock the Shelters" campaign. Like always, you came through and showed your support in a big way. Together, we donated:

  • 24 cozy cat tents,
  • 42 round pet beds,
  • 53 70-inch leashes, and
  • 143 adjustable collars!

Last week, we packed a truck to the brim and drove it over to our friends at St. Hubert's for distribution. The HRA and St. Hubert's teams are identifying how to maximize the amount of good these wonderful donations will do, but rest assured, they’ll be doing good and spreading smiles in these ways:

  • Community Outreach Programs: We love gifting our pets a little something during the holiday season! But for pet parents who may be struggling financially, it can become difficult to do so. Through HRA and St. Hubert’s many outreach programs, they’ll connect pet parents in need with supplies or giftable goodies for their furry family members to make the season extra shpecial.
  • Shelter Supplies & Adoption Kits: Whether it’s outfitting pets pulled from the path of a hurricane with a new collar and leash or providing a bed or tent to a new adoptive pet parent when they take their furbaby home, all of the goodies will come in handy at each rescue!
  • Buddy’s Boutique: Buddy’s Boutique is St. Hubert’s pet supply store and gift shop where 100% of their proceeds fund the organization’s lifesaving pet rescue, transport, and community outreach efforts!

Each of these items is destined to reach the paws of a very deserving pet and will help support animal welfare projects across the nation. YESH!

Thank you for your constant willingness to support rescue efforts and the incredible shelter workers and volunteers who make it all possible. And if you want to spread even more warm-fuzzy feelings we're pairing up with St. Hubert's and HRA again for Giving Tuesday!

For every order placed on Giving Tuesday, we'll donate a leash or collar; PLUS, we're re-enabling our donation pop-up on our website, so you can can join us in making a donation yourself! Choose from these options and we'll cover the rest of the cost to get these goodies into the paws of pets who need them most:

  • $5 supplies an adorable adjustable collar
  • $10 supplies a sturdy 70-inch leash
  • $20 supplies a cozy dog jacket for the cool winter months

Ready to help us Stock the Shelters once more? Head back to the Shop on November 29th to join in on the fun!


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I wish you would make it possible to donate alone without having to purchase something and add the donation to the cart. Those two events don’t necessarily coincide for me.

Cequenda Bruggeman