Hi friends,

Did you know? June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! If you’ve been considering it, now is a great time to adopt a new feline friend.

These warmer months are known among rescue folks as “kitten season,” since this is when the majority of kittens are born (and when shelters typically need cat adopters and foster parents more than ever). Thinking of making the leap? Contact your local shelter or visit Adopt-a-Pet or Petfinder to find your purrfect match.

Exciting news for our readers located in or near Ohio: Starting in August, the Urban Arts Space (located in the heart of downtown Columbus) will feature an exhibit of paintings by Patrick!

This free exhibition, titled Side Effects: Paintings by Patrick McDonnell 2016-2021 will run from August 10 – October 1. This selection of artwork explores a juxtaposition of abstract expressionism and the simple inked beauty of classic comic characters.

We are also enthused to let you know that Patrick has a new book on the way — created with and inspired by a very special collaborator! We can’t share many details yet, but stay tuned. 😊 We’ll be sharing more information about this exciting project in upcoming newsletters.

Recently on social media, we asked the MUTTS community how you first discovered MUTTS. (Was it online? In the Sunday “funnies”? Somewhere else entirely?) Your comments brought us lots of smiles and led us on a happy path down memory lane:

“Discovered MUTTS doing a Google search that brought up the strip for May 20, 1995. In it Ozzie and Earl are sitting on their porch, I believe watching the sunset or the moon. That strip immediately connected with me, as that is something I do with my fur-kids: watch sunrises, sunsets and the moon.” — Francisco

“I’m old school, and started following MUTTS in the Chicago Tribune so long ago. For a decade I’ve awoken to MUTTS in my inbox! The quote of the day is what I read first; it’s always a profound thought! The great stories of Earl, Mooch, and friends are the icing on my MUTTS daily cake! With summer nearly here, I’m looking forward to Crabby stories by the seaside.” — Jody

“I first discovered MUTTS at the library. They carried compilation books and my son and I enjoyed them so much!” — Beverly

“MUTTS has started my day since finding it in the L.A. Times years ago; now it’s the email I see first thing in the morning and it always starts my day off in the best possible way.” — JD

As always, thanks so much for the kind words and for making our “little” MUTTS world such a happy place to be. Sending lots of smiles and warm, furry, wagging, purring love to you all.

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