At Team MUTTS, we live by the MUTTS Manifesto and honor it daily by ensuring we work with product partners who share the same values. Though we dream up and design all MUTTS merch ourselves, we do need help turning those ideas into the real, tangible goods you know and love.

We search for production partners who are as committed to creating high-quality and animal-friendly products as we are, and we prioritize relationships with small or family-owned businesses. Sometimes, we travel to see them in person — even all the way to India, where our friend and partner Rashi Narang, founder of the company Heads Up for Tails, is based.

Read on to learn more about Rashi and get a behind-the-scenes look at how some of your favorite MUTTS merch is made – including the newly restocked Muddy Paws Market Tote.

Animal Lovers

For Rashi, it was her beloved dog Sara who sparked what would become Heads Up For Tails, a store dedicated to the furry members of the family. What began in a small room in her home eventually grew to its current size of more than 35 stores across nine cities in India. While growing her company, Rashi met more people who were just as head-over-heels for animals as she was — including Team MUTTS.

“We’re proud today to see that we’ve built a company that chooses kindness over commerce, values relationships, and trusts in the magic of wagging tails.” — Rashi Narang

For MUTTS, it’s our shared values that make Rashi and her business a wonderful production partner, and her dedication to animals extends beyond her business. It’s also the basis of the Heads Up For Tails Foundation, which aims to educate and remind children and adults alike of a world where compassion toward animals and the planet is second nature.

Tote-ally in Sync

Once the partnership was in place, it was time to create! As with MUTTS, pets are at the heart of everything Rashi and her team do. Their mission is to create and curate innovative products that bring joy to pets and their families, one home at a time. One such product, among many that Rashi’s team produces for us, is our Muddy Paws Market Tote — a customer favorite that has been newly restocked after popular demand.

Measuring approximately 12″ x 15″ and topped with two durable carry handles, the canvas Muddy Paws Market Tote also includes a snap closure, an interior pocket, and stylish gray trim to appeal to any animal lover.

In creating the Muddy Paws Market Tote, we wanted to provide a classic, durable tote so you can ditch single-use plastic bags while transporting anything from treats and toys to office supplies, overnight items, and more! We collaborated with Rashi and her team to move from idea to execution, creating mock-ups, designing the tote with a signature MUTTS style (including Earl and Mooch, of course), and producing a sample product.

You can carry anything from treats and toys, to office supplies, overnight items, and more in these handy Market Totes.

Once the sample was blessed by Mooch, Earl, and the team, we placed a bulk order — or two in this case. With years of experience working together, our teams are now totally in sync.

Fan Favorites

The Muddy Paws Market Tote is one of our favorite “Rashi products,” and we know it’s one of your favorites, too — after all, we saw the growing waitlist before its restock! Other much-loved merch produced by Rashi’s shop has included the “Pets Welcome” and “All Creatures Are Connected” lumbar pillows, Mooch’s foldable cat tent, and pet shtuff like bow ties and bandanas.

MUTTS lumbar pillows
Get cozy with your favorite MUTTS characters with our lumbar pillows. Don’t worry, pets are welcome – the pillowcases feature a zipper for easy removal and laundering.

Exclusive Sneak Peek

Some fan favorites have even been reprised with new designs in addition to their original look. For instance, because so many of you have loved the Market Tote, we’ve worked with Rashi to produce a second design that will be coming to the MUTTS Shop soon! A whimsical butterfly pattern will soon grace the durable, canvas tote you know and love.

Be more butterfly with this Market Tote design, COMING SOON to the MUTTS Shop.

What will be your next MUTTS favorite? We love to make animal- and eco-friendly products while ensuring that they’re both kind and desirable! Comment below with your ideas — we’d love to hear from you.

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