Hello, friends! Can you even believe that it's already March, and that spring is just around the corner? Time is flying — so much so that we're beginning preparations for our 2023 MUTTS desk calendar, and we want your input! We're asking members of the MUTTS community (yesh, you!) to take a moment and share with us your favorite comic strip or uplifting quote that you'd like to see in next year's page-a-day calendar. You can leave us your thoughts in this quick survey, and as a thank you, you'll be entered in a chance to win a print of your favorite strip!

Speaking of favorite strips, here are a couple of recent prints that are quickly becoming reader favorites:

Published March 2, 2022 | Fetch This Strip


Published January 19, 2022 | Fetch This Strip


Here at Team MUTTS, we've been busy creating some fun goodies that will arrive soon in the MUTTS Shop! In the coming weeks, we'll be adding a few tools to help you shtay organized, including a weekly task planner, a Tabby Road-themed notepad, and a shopping list (so you'll never forget the treats on your next grocery run)! We can't wait to show you these and some more fun goodies we've been working on.

On March 8th on social media, we celebrated International Women's Day by asking you to share the amazing women who inspire you to make the world a better place.

We loved reading through your responses and learning about the women who have impacted your lives. You tagged or mentioned your mothers and grandmothers, the women healthcare workers and veterinarians who keep us and our pets healthy, the women who stand up for others, the women who break barriers, and of course — who could forget? — Mother Nature.

Included with this social media post was a quote from Dr. Jane Goodall, an incredible woman who's had a huge impact on all of us at Team MUTTS: "We have a choice to use the gift of our lives to make the world a better place."

Such a simple yet profound truth, don't you think? We hope that this month (and in each one moving forward) you use your gift to make the world a better place.

Sending purrs and nose nuzzles,



Comments (19)

I discovered Mutts 3-4 yrs ago and haven’t missed a day since. I have been buying the yearly calendars both desk and wall and save them to make pictures the next year. Bought tees and gifts for my other Mutts friend (human). We would all be so dearly blessed to have friendships as deep as Mooch and Earl. Every creature has a story and thank you Patrick for telling their stories. Please free Guard dog. Maybe his name can be, Guido.

Jude Grim

Love Mutts. Because of Earl, Mooch and all of the other wonderful characters, my daily prayer also includes a request to bless the beasts (and the children).


And Niki, Rhea, Luna and Cleo (all felines saved from euthanasia).
Oklahoma City

Tammy Graham

Out of all the junk or useful emails I get every day, Mutts is the one that I look for first. Then I can face the others with a lighter mind. Here is a quote I’d love to see used in a strip! ‘Fools rush in, and get the best seats’. Thanks so much!
Bettie 💜

Bettie Carlson

We can relate to mooch and Earl…everyday. Thank you for the gift of keeping us all laughing…and tearing up sometimes.
We love the Mutts families!

Mac (An Earl) and Hobbs (definitely a Mooch)

Hobbs And Mac

Our home is full of misfit pets we love more than words can express. Being in the veterinary field & rescue of all species for 40 years, we have known every Mutts character personally. Yesh, please free guard dog. That would be the ultimate joy, what we wish for all creatures, great & small. Run, play, be loved & respected. Aloha

Charlyn Cohen

“Mutts” is so much more than a comic strip. You touch people’s hearts with dear Mooch and Earl…and all the “characters” in your strip. You make my Life happier, just to see “Mutts” every day! (I’m home bound). Thank you so much for “Mutts”!


I have loved this comic strip more then any other in my life. I can’t remember the year but it was when you first started. I can relate because my dogs were all black n white like Earl & my last kitty was mostly black like Mooch! It brings such joy to me in good & bad times. I am so thrilled when I 1st found Mutts pajama bottoms in 2005! Bought both! Now I buy alot and other things. And get gifts from friends! Thank you for everything you do for Animals! My heart is with you.

Susan E. Reed

Please free Guard dog and give him a proper name…the one that has been waiting to come to the front for him. I know you can do this and make this a teachable moment that will continue to teach and help the many abused and the ignored and neglected and abused dogs out there.
I volunteer in the local pound, and the sweetest dogs re often the ones who are least cared for. Once they get even the smallest kindness they just beam. Please! It is time. You can do it.

Elizabeth K Downes

The Mutts comic strip characters and animals are the best!! I’m always so happy when Clear the Shelters days arrive.

Amy Carson

it’s amazing how on target so many of your messages are for me …where i am at the moment !!!!
i love the robins in spring———but my name is Robin, so i am partial !!!
thank you !

robin jean neuman