It's officially Mooch Madness! This is a very shpecial time of year where we revel in Mooch's many wide- and wild-eyed antics. As a fun surprise, we've created a compilation of 10 of our favorite "Krazy Kitty" moments of Moochness from over the years. Enjoy!


Published October 10, 1998



Published March 15, 2000


Published October 18, 2000



Published July 6, 2002


Published March 10, 2004


Published May 22, 2014


Published May 17, 2017


Published May 18, 2017


Published May 19, 2017


Published November 21, 2021


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How fun to see the evolution of Mooch’s wild-eyed look! Full fur fluff is optional! Love you Mutts! Thanks Patrick for our daily smile and bringing animal empathy and compassion into our lives in such a fun and moving way.

Jody Faron