This past summer, we invited animal shelters and rescue groups to participate in a one-month pilot to test our MUTTS Social for Shelters program. The pilot took place in August, and in September we gathered feedback from the helpful organizations that participated.

We were happy to hear that our testers liked the program and felt that it boosted their social media engagement. Here’s just one review from a foster-based non-profit in Redmond, Washington:

Through the different comics, each day geared toward a different topic, we were able to relate our mission to our followers in a new way. The posts received many likes and shares, and we feel they were beneficial to our mission! This is a great option for organizations that aren’t sure what to post or how to garner additional attention for their cause. — jme (Executive Director, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue)

We also learned lots of great information during and after the pilot, including ways to streamline our process and make the program even more beneficial for the groups who sign up. Our team will be rolling up our sleeves and working on these changes over the next couple of months. Then, in early 2019, we’ll open up the “purrfected” program to more organizations.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to the thousands of animal rescuers (literally!) who’ve expressed their interest in MUTTS Social for Shelters. It means a lot to us that you’re eager to support this project — and believe us, we’re eager to share it with you all. For now, please stay tuned for an announcement in January with more information about how you and your shelter or rescue group can join the fun.

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