In the past week, Hurricane Harvey* has displaced over 30,000 people and countless animals in Texas.

In preparation for the storm, many animals in Harvey’s direct path were transported to safe locations. However, in the wake of torrential rain and catastrophic flooding, thousands more are now lost or homeless. Animal safety advocates from across the nation have joined forces to transport, rescue, and care for animals affected by the storm.

The Humane Society of the United States’ Animal Rescue Team is among those on the ground now in Texas. So far, they have directly transported hundreds of animals from deluged areas and are working with groups like Houston Humane Society, Austin Pets Alive!, and Wings of Rescue (among many others) to save thousands more.

We at Team MUTTS, like so many others around the world, have been deeply moved by the animal and human rescues we’ve witnessed on the news and social media. We also remember, sadly, that not all have been so fortunate. And we know the relief efforts are far from over.

Last month, we announced that 5% of every MUTTS purchase will be donated directly to The HSUS’ Animal Rescue Team. This month, to show our support during such a critical time, we’re doubling that figure.

For the entire month of September, 10% of every purchase at the MUTTS Shop will benefit The HSUS’ Animal Rescue Team.

For more about The HSUS’ relief efforts, watch the video below or read a recent update here.

Friends, thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for caring about animals.

Hugs and wags,

*Update: Shortly after this article was published, Hurricane Irma devastated multiple communities in the Caribbean and southwestern United States. Then, Hurricane Maria swept over Puerto Rico, creating an island-wide humanitarian crisis. You can read about how The HSUS is helping affected pets and wildlife in Florida and the British Virgin Islands here. To read about help for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, click here

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