Since April, with help from a wonderful nonprofit called One Tree Planted, we’ve committed to planting a tree for every print ordered at And in just three months, we’ve planted more than 220 trees!

This summer, we’re continuing our support for this earth-friendly organization by directing donations toward its “Plant Trees for the Orca” program via Digital Humani. This effort helps the Southern Resident Orca, a species on the brink of extinction, by planting trees along rivers and streams in the United States’ Pacific Northwest. To learn more, visit our blog post with more details about how we’re giving back and protecting what we love.

Show Us What You Love! We’re Looking for Nature Photos and Stories

This summer, we’re looking for photos and stories showcasing your beautiful surroundings — from sandy beaches and rugged mountainscapes to local parks and backyard habitats. We want to hear about your part of our precious planet, and why (or how) you hope to protect it. 

The MUTTS community stretches around the globe. We hope that by sharing images of our “backyards” (literally or figuratively), we can feel more connected — not only to each other, but also to the natural world that we all love and share. 

Every Submission Is a Chance to Win a Copy of Heart to Heart

Over the next few months, we’ll pick some of our favorite submissions to share on our website and across social media. We’ll also randomly select one person each month to receive a free copy of Patrick’s newest book Heart to Heart. This touching graphic novel, created in collaboration with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, inspires us all to remember that “we are indeed all members of a single family sharing one little house.” 

Tips for Sharing Your Note or Photo

  • What kind of photo(s) should I send? We’re looking for photos of native plants, wildlife, or landscapes near where you live. Examples could include photos of a redwood forest, coastal sand dunes, a river or other waterway, a songbird sanctuary, or nearly any other aspect of the natural world around you. We do ask that you send photos that you’ve personally taken (not taken from Google or other sources).
  • What kind of note(s) should I send? Tell us why you love your local environment. Tell us why it’s at risk, or how you protect it. For instance: Did you grow up swimming in a beloved, now-at-risk river? Do you volunteer to plant trees in a local park, or pick up litter on the beach? Remember that shorter notes are preferred, because they’re easier for us to review and share with our community! (We also may edit it for clarity or length.) Please also include your name and location so we can give you credit!
  • Where do I send my submission? There are a few options. You can email us at, DM us on Instagram, or share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ProtectWhatYouLove. (Don’t forget the hashtag, otherwise we might miss it!) 
  • Can I send multiple notes and photos? Yes, absolutely! However, you can only be entered once per month into our random drawing for the free book. 
  • What are the giveaway details? We’ll randomly select one submission each month to receive a free copy of Heart to Heart. Once the winner is selected, we’ll reach out directly via email or social media for shipping details. If we cannot contact the winner within three days, we will select a new monthly winner. One person will be selected each month from June 2023 through August 2023. No purchase is necessary.

Inspiration From Team MUTTS

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few notes and photos from our team.

What do you love? We're looking forward to seeing your photos and stories!

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