In Conversation With Project AnimalAid: Helping Animals and the Planet


Left: A donated EKG at Chimp Eden in South Africa. Right: A donated fluid pump in use at the animal welfare organization Sneha's Care in Nepal.

As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donates a portion of all sales to nonprofits that protect animals and the earth. Now through June 30, 2024, we'll be directing these contributions to Project AnimalAid, a remarkable organization based in Boulder, Colorado, that aids over 125 animal welfare nonprofits across 45 countries, including the U.S.

Formerly known as "Project V.E.T.S.," Project AnimalAid has an inspiring mission to support animal welfare organizations by redistributing donated veterinary, medical, and pet supplies. Their work ensures that these valuable resources are kept out of landfills and put to use where they're needed most — caring for animals in shelters, sanctuaries, on the streets, and in their natural habitats. Their efforts offer a unique two-for-one: saving animal lives and protecting our planet.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Meghan Curtis, the Executive Director of Project AnimalAid, about the incredible work they do and the impact of their partnerships.

An Interview With Meghan Curtis, Executive Director of Project AnimalAid

In a recent conversation with MUTTS, Meghan discussed some of Project AnimalAid's current projects and future plans, including goals to expand their warehouse footprint. This is excellent news because it not only reflects a growing demand from businesses that are committing to sustainability goals, but also demonstrates Project AnimalAid's broad impact and reputation as a trusted resource for the placement of supplies and equipment.

This expansion will enable them to assist even more organizations worldwide, building upon an already impressive track record. Just last year, Project AnimalAid's 125+ partner organizations provided over 700,000 vaccinations, treated over 96,000 wounds, injuries, and surgical needs, and conducted more than 130,000 welfare and internal medicine checks for animals in need. These procedures likely used items provided by Project AnimalAid, such as syringes, needles, bandaging material, surgical instruments, and microscopes.

According to Meghan, the animals who receive these treatments include "street dogs, feral cats, chimpanzees and other primates and animals living in sanctuary, pets of the unhoused, wildlife suffering from poaching efforts and human-wildlife conflict and donkeys tirelessly working the fields of Africa."

Project AnimalAid's partners span across the globe, and operate in countries including the U.S., Belize, Uganda, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Romania, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and many others. 

Fun Fact: In May 2023, Patrick traveled to Dharamsala, India on a trip hosted by the International Campaign for Tibet. In planning the trip, he worked with Project AnimalAid to coordinate and deliver much-needed medical supplies to Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR), one of their partner organizations. He, along with others on the trip, together brought five large duffel bags of supplies to help animals in need!


One of Meghan's favorite memories from her time with Project AnimalAid involves a wildlife rehabilitation center in Guatemala. "We receive 'Seconds' from Kong, the pet toy manufacturer, that we send to our partners, including wildlife groups. The staff at a Guatemalan center ingeniously used these toys to teach young anteaters to forage for their food by securing the Kong upside down to a tree branch. It's incredible to see such creativity and resourcefulness in action," Meghan recounted.


A young anteater practices foraging with a Kong toy.

Another memorable experience took place about five years ago when a Pennsylvania-based veterinary hospital donated a large x-ray machine. Project AnimalAid managed to place this valuable equipment with a non-profit, low-cost veterinary clinic in the greater Philadelphia area. "The machine has provided countless x-rays to animals in need over the past five years, highlighting the tangible impact of our work," Meghan said.

Bridge xray machine in use.JPG__PID:0e98ed2f-f931-4449-b6f8-d6339e80300e

A donated x-ray machine in use at a low-cost veterinary clinic.

How You Can Support Project AnimalAid

For those interested in supporting Project AnimalAid directly, Meghan emphasized the importance of financial donations, which can be made through their website, These contributions are crucial in helping them expand their reach and support more organizations.

As Meghan explains, there are currently 37 animal welfare nonprofits on their waitlist. "Additional funding and in-kind donations will allow us to move through the waitlist and accept more partners into our program — thus providing them with the supplies and equipment they need to accomplish their organizational goals and provide high-quality veterinary care to their animal patients."

"If any readers work with animal welfare non-profits and are interested in learning how they can be part of our program, they can visit the ‘Apply for Assistance’ page on our website, or reach out to Additionally, if you have in-kind donations of veterinary, medical, or pet supplies, you can contact Marcy Thrash at"

Want to learn even more about this wonderful organization? Check out the video below, created for their 2024 "Tales for Tails" annual event. 

Project AnimalAid's work is a testament to the power of collaboration and dedication to animal welfare and environmental sustainability. We at MUTTS are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with Project AnimalAid and contribute to their mission. We're also grateful to readers like you for your ongoing support, which enables us to give back to the causes we care deeply about. 

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