We're excited to introduce our brand-new "Help the Animals" Tee, made with 100% USA-grown cotton! It’s the latest arrival in our collection of classic music-inspired MUTTS gear, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Dirt to Shirt™: An Earth-Friendly Collaboration

For the creation of this tee, we teamed up with our friends at TS Designs, a sustainability-focused clothing company based in Burlington, North Carolina. (Fun fact: TS Designs was the first certified B Corp apparel company in North Carolina! As a B Corp, TS Designs voluntarily meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.)

At the heart of their philosophy is the concept of "circularity,” which refers to creating products that are consciously designed, produced, used, and then recycled or upcycled back into the system. This holistic approach aims to minimize waste and extend the lifespan of products. 

In an era dominated by fast fashion, embracing circularity is more crucial than ever to preserve our planet for future generations. For instance, did you know that traditional t-shirt materials often travel a staggering 13,000 miles or more before reaching their final destination? With this tee, however, every step in the process — starting with the farmer who grew the cotton — occurred entirely within the USA, all within an area of less than 800 miles. This localized approach reduces the item’s carbon footprint and assures a transparent and equitable supply chain. 

The result? A tee that’s good for the planet, for you, and for everyone involved in making it.

Meet Your New Favorite MUTTS Tee

Crafted with 100% cotton fibers, our “Help the Animals” shirt is fully compostable, ensuring that it returns to the earth at the end of its life cycle without leaving behind harmful pollutants. 

It’s also printed with water-based inks using TS Design’s innovative REHANCE™ process, resulting in a super soft "no-print feel." Unlike traditional prints that crack, peel, or fade, this one is designed to remain vibrant and intact, maintaining its quality wash after wash. Plus, with durable stitching and reinforced seams, this made-to-last shirt is built to withstand the test of time.

Thinking of fetching one for yourself? Please note that this is a completely new tee with a new, looser fit. We strongly recommend that you check our updated sizing chart on the product page to pick the size that’s right for you.

The Inspiration Behind the Design

Does Patrick’s adorable “Help!” illustration look familiar? That’s because it’s an homage to a classic 1960s album of the same name, with a fun twist featuring our own “furry four” — Earl, Mooch, Sparky, and Shtinky Puddin’.

It’s the latest addition in our music-inspired merch collection, which also includes our beloved “Tabby Road” styles. Love the design, or know someone who would? Leave a comment to let us know what you think!


Comments (3)

I love everything Mutts! Always have, always will!

Barbara Vickers

I’m in ! Great idea


I love everything about this shirt! I love the art work! It is absolutely adorable. The care taken from the birth of the fibers used to construct this shirt to the sweet finished product is genius. Thank you to all involved. I thank you, the animals thank you and our precious Mother Earth thanks you.
Sending you many thanks and much love.
Vicki C.

Vicki Chilcote