Thanks to your kind comments, informative emails, and ongoing support for MUTTS, we know that our community of readers is made up of animal lovers with big hearts and the fortitude to create positive change. And we want to show our appreciation for all that you do.

Starting in March, we’ll begin posting a monthly feature highlighting one outstanding MUTTS reader who’s a dedicated champion for animals. Want to be considered, or know someone who should be? Email us at with a brief letter describing the person you’re nominating — and be sure to explain how they’ve helped animals! We’re looking for people whose stories about animal advocacy will inspire us and the rest of our community to do even more for our non-human friends.

A few things you may be wondering …

  • May I nominate myself? Yes!
  • Is there an age requirement? Nope. Animal lovers of ALL ages will be considered, though if our chosen Reader of the Month (ROTM) is under 18, we will need permission from a guardian.
  • Is there a date/time cutoff for submissions? No. This will be an ongoing series, so you may submit at any time to be considered for upcoming ROTM articles.
  • Will I need to write part of the article? Nope! We’ll leave that to our staff writers, who will simply contact the featured reader (via email) and ask a series of simple interview questions.
  • What if I’m not chosen? Unfortunately, at this time we can only feature one reader per month. But we still love you! And we will keep your nomination on file for future ROTM articles.

Any other questions? Email us at and we’ll be happy to help!

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