With so much going on in the news these days, we’d like to chime in about a subject that unites all of us in the MUTTS community: our love for animals.

Though we at Team MUTTS strive to stay updated about all animal-related issues, we also understand the importance of cultivating a positive place for our readers to share happy stories, jokes, and messages of encouragement. That’s why you’ll see news stories from us only when they’re uplifting (like this interview with the ASPCA’s Kid of the Year) or actionable (like this article about helping animals endangered by wildfires).

However, there’s a lot happening right now in the world of animal advocacy and environmental protection, and we want to help you stay informed! Below are just a few of our go-to resources.

Animal News

Humane Society News: The Humane Society of the United States works to solve animal welfare issues on a national and global level. The News section of their website provides updates and analyses of animal-related legislation and investigations, as well as information about companion animals and humane living.

A Humane Nation: A Humane Nation is the official blog of Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States. This site generally offers a deeper, editorial-style dive into the topics listed on the HSUS News page.

Humane Society Legislative Fund News: The HSLF is a social welfare organization working to pass animal protection laws, educate the public about animal protection issues, and support humane candidates for office. This blog is run by Michael Markarian, President of the HSLF, and contains updates about animal-related legislation.

Environment News

The Atlantic’s Science Section: TheAtlantic.com is the online version of The Atlantic, a magazine founded in 1857. This reputable news site is known for its high-quality journalism and cultural commentary. Its Science section features in-depth, reader-friendly reporting on climate, astronomy, ecology, and more.

Vox: Energy and Environment: Founded in 2014, Vox is a news and opinion website with a progressive worldview. We love their “explanatory” style of journalism, which provides background and context for ongoing news stories. Vox’s Energy and Environment section primarily focuses on environment-related legislation and alternative energy news.

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