Are you in need of a pick-me-up? Know someone who could use a boost of confidence?

At Team MUTTS, we believe in the power of positivity, and we know that kind words and thoughtful gifts can go a long way when you’re feeling glum. That’s why we’re sharing a few of our favorite uplifting images — and offering 20% off unsigned comic strip prints now through September 19, 2018. (Some exclusions apply.)

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MUTTS Comic Strip: Know Your Strength
“My Own Strength” | May 25, 2007


MUTTS Comic Strip: The World Has Changed
“The World Has Changed” | May 28, 2000


MUTTS Comic Strip: Just Bee
“Just Bee” | April 11, 2003


MUTTS Comic Strip: Darling I Love You
“Darling, I Love You” | February 12, 2017


MUTTS Comic Strip: Without This
“Without This” | April 16, 2017

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Comments (16)

I have the framed print of Ozzie carrying Earl , two sets of footprints becoming just Ozzie’s, and although it’s been in the same place for years, it stops me and I notice it an smile every time I walk past.
I also love that giant book. “The Best of Mutts”.

Kat Grausso

Yes, I remember that one… vividly! It came at a time when I needed it.

Virginia Howard

Hi Anna!

We’d be happy to assist in locating the strip. By any chance are you thinking of Earl the dog and his guardian Ozzie? One way to tell the difference is that Ozzie has a full head of hair, while Frank doesn’t. ;)

If so, is there anything else you can remember about the beach scene? There are quite a few images with Earl and Ozzie on the beach, so any additional details will help us narrow it down. Thanks!

Ali from Team MUTTS

Ali Datko

To Anna,I think the strip You are looking for may be the one where Ozzie carries Earl on the beach leaving one set of footprints appeared on August 8th 2008 .My favourite strip,always reminds Me of the"Footprints" poem.
You can find it in the archives on the website.
Hope this helps.

Trevor J.Moody


Thank you for taking the time to reach out with this insightful message. You’re right that we often overlook our blessings and the many beautiful things (and/or beings) around us. We’re moved by your comment, and we wish you the very best in your treatment. 💖

— Ali from Team MUTTS

Ali Datko

are you talking about the strip with the footprints in the sand where frank ends up carrying Earl? Don’t remember the date, but it was inspirational.


Agreed! I learned long ago my “favorite” rotates every week. Thank you, Patrick, for your wonderful illustrations of our fur babies!

Nancy Neiger

Every time I’m in the woods I feel like I’m in church. (In a good way!) That’s the one that made me really love Mutts.


I agree. Every time I see Shtinky Puddin’ I smile.

Shtinky Puddin’

Would you please display the comic strip of a year or so ago of Earl and his buddy,Frank(?) walking on the beach. Have looked for it, but can’t locate. Thanks! Love Mutts!

Anna Pinto