Are you in need of a pick-me-up? Know someone who could use a boost of confidence?

At Team MUTTS, we believe in the power of positivity, and we know that kind words and thoughtful gifts can go a long way when you’re feeling glum. That’s why we’re sharing a few of our favorite uplifting images — and offering 20% off unsigned comic strip prints now through September 19, 2018. (Some exclusions apply.)

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MUTTS Comic Strip: Know Your Strength
“My Own Strength” | May 25, 2007


MUTTS Comic Strip: The World Has Changed
“The World Has Changed” | May 28, 2000


MUTTS Comic Strip: Just Bee
“Just Bee” | April 11, 2003


MUTTS Comic Strip: Darling I Love You
“Darling, I Love You” | February 12, 2017


MUTTS Comic Strip: Without This
“Without This” | April 16, 2017

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Comments (16)

Every Mutts strip is inspirational – but these are some of the best

Brendan Coyle

All are your comics


I love MUTTS. I read it early every morning. Among beautiful gifts each day (starting with the gift of the day) MUTTS cartoon, and the daily quote, start me off with a smile, a lesson, hope, and a kindness. Thank you wonderful Patrick McDonnell and all who bring MUTTS to the world.

Katie Wider

I’m an animal lover who happens to also be young breast cancer patient. Everyday I get my daily dose of Mutts and it makes me realize just how lucky I am to be surrounded by such beautiful loving creatures. This grouping of comics, especially “without this”, is such a simple message that we often (if not always) overlook. From us bi-peds, to pawed, scaled, feathered, and furred, thank you for reminding us how special each and everyday is…You rock! (we roll!).

Kari Nishioka

I love each one of these. My favourite is the series from ’02 (I think) when Earl gets a new sweater, and then “loses” it: by giving it to Guard Dog on his chain. Even thinking of the beauty of that series makes me cry. I hope to collect the series & frame them on my wall as soon as I have a home of my own again. Your art & your work are marvellous, Patrick, never stop drawing for us!

Charleigh Robillard

My favorite is when Sthinky was saying he is going to see his angels and His friends follow him. He is going to the animal shelter.There was a poster of this at the shelter I went to to adopt my dog Emma .
I loved this comic before I adopted her.

Pam Golick