It’s no secret that Patrick McDonnell and the rest of us at MUTTS are immensely admiring of environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall. In 2011, Patrick published Me…Jane, an award-winning picture book that chronicles Jane’s childhood and aspirations to spend her life “living with and helping all animals.”

Patrick has also created numerous MUTTS comic strips that honor Dr. Jane and her work.

We’re thrilled to announce that Jane and Patrick met recently and are currently collaborating on an exciting, upcoming project — the details of which will be announced soon (so stay tuned)!

In the meantime, please enjoy a few of our favorite Jane Goodall-related MUTTS comic strips:

“Jules Dreams of Africa” December 2, 2007 | Buy
Jane Goodall MUTTS Comic Strip

“Dr. Jane Goodall’s Mission” July 16, 2010 | Buy
Jane Goodall MUTTS Comic Strip

“Let’s Swing by Jane Goodall’s” April 10, 2011 | Buy
Jane Goodall MUTTS Comic Strip

“It’s Up to You and Me” April 22, 2010 | Buy
Jane Goodall MUTTS Comic Strip

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