A new magazine from the National Cartoonists Society is featuring Patrick McDonnell in its latest issue. In 2007, Patrick made the “first ever commencement speech” to the graduating class at The Center For Cartoon Studies in Vermont. The full transcript of his speech, with accompanying cartoons, is reprinted in this new issue of The National Cartoon!st. Though the speech may be a few years old, its message is timeless as Patrick outlines life lessons that are as applicable to artists and enjoyers of art alike. As Patrick says, “Be open to all life’s possibilities and enjoy your journey around the sun.”

This issue of The National Cartoon!st features work not only from Patrick but Walt Kelly (Pogo), Mort Drucker (Beetle Bailey), and Chuck Jones (Bugs Bunny, et al) just to name a few, a selection of cartoonists’ holiday cards, and previously unpublished art from many cartoon notables.

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