Around the Team MUTTS proverbial water cooler — we’re a distributed remote team, after all — we can’t help but gush about our favorite comic strips. After all, we love the daily emails just as much as you do!

To each pick a favorite would be a truly impossible task, especially given Patrick’s 26-year collection of work. But we were able to agree on a few that we’ve been loving recently. Take a look at some of our favorite environmentally minded and animal-friendly comics from the past few years, along with the reasons we love them. (PLUS, Patrick has provided a few of his thoughts, too!) Let us know which strips are your favorites in the comments!


Published July 17, 2020

The love for Dr. Jane Goodall is strong at Team MUTTS. This strip was originally created as part of a week-long series that celebrated the 60th anniversary of Dr. Goodall’s arrival in Gombe to study chimpanzees.


Published September 27, 2015

“Animals have lives and are here for their own purpose. This is their planet, too. They have intelligence and relationships, they feel pain, and they contribute to our beautiful planet in so many ways.” — Patrick


Published May 15, 2008

Guard Dog was born to shed light on how unfair and cruel it is to tether an animal. One day, this thoughtful and beloved pup will have his freedom.


Published November 4, 2019

“Nothing makes me happier than when someone lets me know that they were inspired to get a dog at their shelter or cat at their shelter because of my strip.” — Patrick


Published March 29, 2019

Patrick’s first dog — a Jack Russell terrier named Earl — was the real-life inspiration for the Earl in the MUTTS comic strip. Storylines featuring just Ozzie and Earl are often autobiographical, and we are grateful for this sweet pup and all that he inspired (and continues to inspire). Click here to see Earl and Ozzie’s earliest adventures.


Published June 17, 2020

“Going plant-based is a win-win. It’s good for your own health, the health of the planet, and obviously the billions of suffering, factory farmed animals.” — Patrick


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Comments (2)

I love your strip plus I love the saying quotes after. THANK YOU

Barbara Hodges

the best ever – rating off the top of chart – look forward each morning – to open first – always –
often talk to ‘others’ about Mooch and Millie – and then Earl and Ozzie – how could you not -
read – and re-read what Mooch will say as to how he pronounces words – there is soooooooooo
much that I adore – pink sock – oh my – such fun and delight – look forward to each season as well
the beach and crabby – the rescue stories, Jane Goodall, Fatty Snax,
- thanking you from bottom of my heart – the lessons we learn from our animals and the best way
ever that Mutts brings to the world..
- I have one poodle and two cats – the association with them and this comic strip is amazing ..
thanking each person that is involved in bringing the world of Mutts ..

jane hunsberger