We’re looking for notes about compassionate acts — big and small — to share with our community in 2023. Plus, one lucky note-writer each month will be chosen to win a free copy of Patrick McDonnell’s new book Heart to Heart

Attention fellow readers, animal lovers, kind souls, and conscious stewards of the earth: We want to hear from you! 

In Patrick’s new book Heart to Heart, a collaboration with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, readers are encouraged to create a compassionate revolution — a movement that inspires us all to remember that “we are indeed all members of a single family sharing one little house.” 

We believe that a compassionate revolution can be sparked by anyone, at any time, and that no gesture of kindness is too “small” to make a big difference. That’s why we want you to send us a note (or two) about how you and those you know are making the world a more compassionate place. 

For example, do you set aside time to volunteer at an animal shelter or clean up litter at a local park? Did the words of a friendly stranger brighten your day? Do you have a friend who simply radiates joy? Send us a note with a story about a compassionate act that mattered to you — because it matters to us, too.

Over the next few months, we’ll pick some of our favorite notes to share on our website and across social media. We’ll also randomly select one person each month to receive a free copy of Heart to Heart.

Tips for sharing your story: 

  • How do I write my note? You can type it, write it by hand, or turn it into a beautiful doodle. If you prefer to create a written letter or doodle, simply snap a photo and send us the picture. Remember that shorter notes (just a few sentences) are preferred, because they’re easier for us to review and share with our community! (We also may edit it for clarity or length.) Please also include your name and location so we can give you credit! 
  • Where do I send my note? There are a few options. You can email us at blog@mutts.com, DM us on Instagram, or share it on Instagram with the hashtag #HeartToHeart. (Don’t forget the hashtag, otherwise we might miss it!) 
  • Can I send multiple notes? Yes, absolutely! However, you can only be entered once per month into our random drawing for the free book. 
  • What are the giveaway details? We’ll randomly select one note-writer each month to receive a free copy of Heart to Heart. Once the winner is selected, we’ll reach out directly via email or social media for shipping details. If we cannot contact the winner within three days, we will select a new monthly winner. One person will be selected each month from February 2023 through November 2023. No purchase is necessary.

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few notes from our team and our pals that we love. 

Comments (10)

I don’t have a story to post but I did come across this quote which I thought was so true of animals. I thought it would fit with the quotes included under the daily “Mutts” email cartoon:
“There’s nothing more embarrassing than to have earned the disfavor of a perceptive animal.”
Michael Chabon


I used to be on the board of a humane society, but moved out of the area, but as a graphic designer, I give my time to that human society to create promotional materials, t-shirt designs, and other material for free.

I love to create things, and I design and 3D print and make things for all my husband’s students over the years. (About 1000 items a year) .I hadn’t realized the impact until I received a number of messages from students telling me it was “the nicest thing anyone has ever done” for them. Whilst that is lovely to hear, it is also kind of sad. If I can bring a smile to one face, or help save one life… it is worth it.


I put together backpacks for homeless Individuals with animals In their care. I put food/water dishes, harness & leash (reflective), animal sweater, cans of food, heartworm prevention, and dog toothpaste. As well as food, water bottle, socks, blankets, and health care supplies for the hoomans. It makes me happy to know the person and animal are a little bit more comfortable.

Tanya Teneyuque

Recently, a neighbor passed away suddenly. His house stood empty and family was not attentive. When a pipe burst, the walls, ceilings, and floors were gutted. There was an online auction and the remains were headed to the landfill. He had 2 bee hives which he cared for very much. They were also abandoned and the demolition crew brought them to my porch. Both hives survived as they were active one warm day. I did local research and finally found two gentlemen who were in the business of beekeeping and rescue. Happy ending made us all saviors. Teamwork indeed!

Cequenda Bruggeman

I bought a microchip reader because so many caring neighbors on NextDoor have wondered whether a cat is a stray or not. The very first time using my reader, it was a cat that did have a chip and the owner said the cat ran away when they were moving – almost a year before. We all cried with happiness that love found a way to get them back together!

Vanessa Valentine

My brother was recently diagnosed with brain damage. He now lives 25 years ago and cannot remember anything short term. His wife is his sole caregiver. I arrange with my husband to stay with my brother while she and I get out to do the grocery shopping.

Traci L Stroud

I work at a zoo, and all of the keepers take turns at being the “dish fairy”. It’s such a minor thing-at worst it takes you five extra minutes-but the impact it has on the other keepers is astronomical. It lightens your heart to realize that your job just got a tiny bit easier and someone cared enough to do that for you.

Brenna Montgomery

I decided 3 years ago I would have more of a serving heart. I started writing letters for the nonprofit, Letters Against Isolation, serving on the Donor Development;/ Communication Team for my local animal shelter, Memphis Animal Services, bringing the man who sells newspapers every Sunday a hot coffee or bottle of water each week. Each time I get to do one or all of these, I feel so much better. I feel those who inspired me to be better would be proud of me. ♥️❤️♥️

Andrea Bledsoe King

After hearing about pet owners needing to give up their pets because they could no longer afford to feed them I started Paws and Prayers Pet Food Ministry. Once a month I distributed free pet food and pet supplies to pet owners in need.

Victoria Dry

I regularly clean up after other people’s dogs at the local grade school. They allow the dogs to go there, and I (1) don’t think kids should have to worry about stepping in it and (2) want to keep that privilege.

Barbara Greene