We’re really sorry, everyone. We over at MUTTS have been totally stumped on ideas for our annual Holiday Gift Guide.

… So we asked a couple of close friends for some helping paws, and here’s what they came up with! (Scroll to the bottom for links to purchase individual items.)

2016 MUTTS Holiday Gift Guide

1. Canvas Prints
2. Signature Strips
3. A Shtinky Little Christmas
4. The Little Gift of Nothing
5. The MUTTS Autumn Diaries
6. TEK: The Modern Cave Boy
7. “Thanks for Being You” Print
8. Manifesto Print
9. “One Good Person” Print
10. Little Pink (Catnip) Socks
11. Medium Food Storage Container
12. Collars
13. MUTTS Black Leash
14. Roasted Chestnuts Card (10-Pack)
15. Christmas Tree Card (10-Pack)
16. Abbey Road Puzzle
17. 2017 Desk Calendar
18. 2017 Wall Calendar
19. Team MUTTS Tee
20. MUTTS String Doll Keychain Set
21. Quotable Magnets
22. Winter Pine Candle
23. MUTTS Vinyl Dolls
24. Shtinky Little Christmas Candle

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