Attention MUTTS lovers: We’re putting together a feature to showcase some of the wonderful fan art out there in the MUTTS community, and we need your help!

If you’ve created (or received) a piece of MUTTS fan art, send us a photo!* Tattoos, sketches, paintings, even interesting wall decor or collages using your favorite MUTTS strips are all welcome.

How to submit:

  1. Snap a photo or two of your art, and feel free to include yourself or your animal companions in the shot.
  2. Write a brief description (2-3 sentences). For example, did your child learn to draw by tracing the MUTTS characters? Did you get that tattoo to honor a lost loved one? Etc.
  3. Include your name and location.
  4. Email your message to!

Submissions must be received by Wednesday, November 9th to be considered for the blog feature. (Submissions received after that will be considered for future blog posts!)

Thanks in advance! We’re excited to see your art!

*Please note that by submitting photos, videos, or text to, you grant MUTTS non-exclusive rights to publish those assets on the website and any MUTTS social media platforms. We will never share your contact information. 

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