Wow! A couple of weeks ago, we asked readers to send us their MUTTS fan art—and boy, did they respond! We received a bunch of great photos and heartfelt messages, and are thrilled to share them with the rest of the MUTTS community. Enjoy!

From Stephen Loya in Sterling, Virginia:
“What would happen if Mooch, Earl, and Shtinky Puddin’ met life forms from another planet, and they all got along just fine? Imagine that!”

MUTTS Fan Art Stephen Loya

From Scott Watkins in Peachtree, Georgia:
“My kids Aisa (11) and Saya (8) Watkins jumped at the chance to make MUTTS fan art! They grew up with my newspaper comics collections (vintage and new) and love everything about MUTTS, from the artwork to the world view. We even did a weekend drive from Atlanta to Washington, DC a couple years ago to see ‘The Gift Of Nothing.’ Thank you for your inspiring work!”

MUTTS Fan Art Mooch and EarlMUTTS Fan Art Drawing

MUTTS Fan Art Drawing MUTTS Fan Art Drawing

From Kimberlee Madden in Long Island, New York:
“This tattoo is based on your 8/8/08 strip ‘Footprints,’ for when I rescued my dog and when she rescued me.”

MUTTS Fan Art Footprints TattooMUTTS Reader Dog Photo

From Kitty Sexton in Vonore, Tennessee:
“Hi! Here is a mosaic table I did in 2015 that I donated to the silent auction for the Souris Valley Animal Shelter’s annual gala in Minot, North Dakota! I love doing art for animal shelter fundraisers. I love MUTTS and have four rescue cats. I want to get a Mooch and Earl tattoo someday!”

MUTTS Fan Art Mosaic Table

From Linda Rock in San Antonio, Texas:
“I love love love Mooch, so my daughter made me this 3D paper art for Christmas.”

MUTTS Fan Art 3D Paper

From Jennifer Kalos in Chelmsford, Massachusetts:
“I am so grateful that my mother encouraged my father and me to start reading MUTTS a few years ago. Mooch, Earl, and their friends’ daily adventures have brought us so much joy, laughter, and inspiration—especially through difficult times. (I suffer from MS.) One of my first attempts at trying to ‘draw’ was this little doodle I did about a year ago of my FAVORITE character, Mooch.”

MUTTS Fan Art Mooch Drawing

From Grace Spell:
“My six-year-old LOVES MUTTS comics! He reads them all the time and enjoys drawing them or making up silly stories about Mooch and Earl. Here is a picture he wanted to send in: ‘Ninja MUTTS.'”

Ninja MUTTS Fan Art

From Francisco Rodriguez in Puerto Rico:
“Greetings! Michelle Ramos Del Valle, a dear friend of mine, and I are loyal, hardcore MUTTS fans. On her birthday in 2012 I made her a MUTTS-themed, fused-glass postcard. Yesh!”

MUTTS Fan Art Glass Card

From Irina M. in Finland:
“Hi! Here is MUTTS art in my style. The first drawing is about Mooch showing Earl how to play with the Little Pink Sock. The second one is Guard Dog. The reason I drew those is that I really like to draw and I really like MUTTS, so together it’s MUTTS fan art!”

MUTTS Fan Art SketchMUTTS Fan Art Sketch

From Jen Langdon in Cincinnati, Ohio:
“My husband Lance did a rendition of Earl and Mooch as our cats Lewis and Clark for our Christmas card last year! They are two wild and crazy cats, and re-configuring one of your illustrations was perfect for them! We love the strip, keep ’em coming!”

MUTTS Fan Art Christmas Card

From Nina Squillante in Castro Valley, California:
“My daughter Gracie is 6-1/2 years old, and we both love MUTTS! She used this Sunday strip to create some fan art while we were awaiting spring.”

MUTTS Fan Art Child Drawing

Thanks to all readers who took the time to send in their letters and artwork! It was a joy to hear from each of you. Want to submit a piece to be considered in our next MUTTS fan art blog post? Check out our call for submissions article to learn more!

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