It’s National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, an occasion celebrated annually during the first full week of November!

Every year, Patrick McDonnell dedicates two weeks of his daily MUTTS comic strip to “Shelter Stories,” a recurring series that coincides with the event and highlights the importance of animal shelters and adoptions. For years, these beloved, tug-at-your-heart strips (many inspired by true stories) have encouraged MUTTS readers to adopt — not shop for — their furry or feathered family members! It’s a truly remarkable cycle of inspiration and goodwill.

To honor this year’s National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, we’ve gathered up a few of our favorite Shelter Stories strips that give kudos specifically to those who dedicate their lives to helping animals.

1. “Paid in Kisses” | November 6, 2015
Kisses MUTTS Shelter Stories

2. “Unconditional Love” | February 6, 2016Unconditional Love MUTTS Shelter Stories

3. “High Five” | February 2, 2016
High Five MUTTS Shelter Stories

4. “The Best Medicine” | November 10, 1999
Dr. Woo MUTTS Shelter Stories

5. “Kittenhead” | November 6, 2016
Kittenhead MUTTS Shelter Stories

6. “What I Learned” | November 12, 1999
Volunteers MUTTS Shelter Stories

7. “Katrina” | November 10, 2005
Katrina MUTTS Shelter Stories

8. “Rachel” | November 11, 1999
Rachel MUTTS Shelter Stories

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is a terrific time to support your local shelter by volunteering, donating supplies, or — yes, of course — adopting an animal! Visit the Humane Society’s handy Find Your Local Animal Shelter page to locate one near you.

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