It’s no secret that we at MUTTS have an extra-special place in our hearts for fall. Not only is this Patrick McDonnell’s favorite time of year, but it’s also a terrific time to enjoy outdoor adventures, seasonal treats, and the company of loved ones.

To make things even better, Patrick has just released The MUTTS Autumn Diaries, a new collection of more than 150 MUTTS comic strips. Perfect for kids (and fun for adults, too!), this charming collection follows Earl, Mooch, and the rest of the gang on a variety of autumn adventures. In the book, the dynamic duo admire the changing colors of the trees, gather leaves, and don their best trick-or-treat costumes.

Readers, what are some of your favorite ways to enjoy fall? We gathered the MUTTS crew to discuss a few of our favorite pet-friendly autumn activities, and here are the ones that topped the list:

1. Camping

There’s something simultaneously exciting and serene about going camping during these cooler months, don’t you think? Set up a tent, start a campfire, roast some marshmallows, and snuggle up with your loved ones — furry friends included, of course. For those of you planning to “ruff it” (sorry, had to) with your canine pals this season, don’t forget the essentials! ID tags and vet papers, leash and collar, plastic bags for waste, and extra kibble and bottled water.

2. Eating pumpkin-flavored everything!

Nowadays, you can find pumpkin-flavored goodies pretty much anywhere, and in any aisle of the grocery store. However, we think it’s still fun to bake our own pumpkin goodies at home, too! And did you know that your animal companion can join in? For most dogs and cats, small servings of pureed (unsweetened) pumpkin can contribute to good digestive health! (Of course, always consult your vet first if your animal has dietary restrictions or other health issues.)

3. Going for walks

This sounds like an obvious one, but we all agree that enjoying a relaxing stroll with our animal companions is one of the very best ways to spend an autumn afternoon. The colorful leaves, the brisk fall air … what’s not to love?

4. Reading The MUTTS Autumn Diaries

Seriously. If you’re a regular reader of the MUTTS comic strip, an animal lover, or just someone who takes pleasure in the endless delights of the fall season, you’ll love this book as much as we do. It’s printed on recycled paper, and there’s plenty of room in the margins for young readers to draw their own art alongside the strips (with a parent’s permission, of course)! Want to join the fun? Order your hand-signed copy from the MUTTS online store today!

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