To celebrate 25 years of MUTTS, we’re asking readers to tell us what the strip means to them, and to share some of their best memories of Mooch, Earl, and the rest of the crew.

We are appreciative of all the messages we’ve received, and we will continue responses throughout the coming months — so please comment below if you have memories to share. Thank you for the love!

“When I’m reading MUTTS it’s almost hard to forget that these little characters aren’t real beings. There’s been a lot of times that are rough and when I open up one of my MUTTS books I always find a reason to smile.” — Janet B.

Published February 11, 2016

“I have a special place in my heart for MUTTS because I’ve worked in rescue for 13 years. I am grateful and uplifted every day, for all that you do to promote rescue and adoption, to help shelters, and encourage a better world through peace and kindness. Thank you!” — Karen H. B.

Published November 10, 2019

“When I get caught up in the world’s anger and complexity, MUTTS reminds me to stop, take a cleansing breath, and be the person my folks brought me up to be. Sometimes as adults we need that reminder of what’s really important.” — Donna R.

Published June 10, 2002

“I first became aware of Mooch and Earl in the book Guardians of Being that was written with Eckhart Tolle. The classical references to Japanese block prints, and Andrew Wyeth, were touching. They also helped me to rethink my relationships with my own cats Marmalade and Muffy. I was able to see how my previous cats (now deceased) were teaching me lessons, and how much I still have to learn from Marmalade and Muffy now.” — Douglas H.

Published October 4, 2009

“Last August I was blessed to go to Alaska and see humpback whales. When I returned home, there was a MUTTS comic of Mooch and Earl rating a humpback whale breach. It took me right back to my wonder of watching a couple breach, and was beautiful!” — KC

Published August 31, 2019

“I’ve always adored the MUTTS strip, especially the way Patrick makes heavy hard things lighter. The Sunday strip from April 24, 2016 was my compass rose through the hard times of being the main caretaker during both of my parents’ final illnesses and deaths that year. I had cut it out from the newspaper and put it on the fridge. I looked at it as many times as I needed to, to remind myself what was most important right now. Again and again. When the sky is dark and grey, I need to help keep those small precious moments bright. Thank you so much for drawing such a beautiful and gentle reminder.” — Diane M.

Published April 24, 2016

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Comments (17)

Tommy probably knew his real name was ‘Tommy’. Hoping he didn’t grieve.

Judy pickel

I had a very similar experience. I recently retired from a job in Family Court, a depressing, sad, sometimes horrifying place. (We did over a thousand child abuse/neglect cases per year.) I had many Mutts comics printed out and put under my clear desk blotter to help keep a positive attitude during the day, and they helped pass on a positive attitude to my coworkers as well. After retirement, I am now volunteering at a local cat rescue and we also have Mutts comics under the clear desk blotter!

Kathy Marion

I’ve always loved the way Mutts uses such simple images and stories to convey deep, profound and much-needed messages of delight, compassion, and care for all beings. I had one strip up in my office for 10 years; I came across it when first learning to meditate. I don’t know the date, but Mooch is saying his daily meditation and mantra, “Yum… Sup… Pah,” and in just a moment, his quest is fulfilled. Maybe you can repost it here?

Linda Boo

My favorite strip is when Millie, Frank, and Mooch take a nap together. I had that print hanging over my bed because my late husband Kevin, my late kitty Chloe, and I, would nap like that. Whenever I look at it now, it reminds me of the happiest time in my life.


Or even better, take him inside and off that cruel chain!

His devotion to his awful owner just breaks me.

Karen F

Eu me apaixonei por todos os personagens, essa é a melhor tirinha de todos os tempos, eu realmente amo vocês por sua graciosidade, sua inocência, seu amor, sua beleza, eles são simplesmente inocentes, amorosos e incríveis e tudo que eu queria era abraçá-los, eles são especiais e eu leio todos os dias os jornais só para vê-los, eu tenho livros e os que não tenho pego na biblioteca só porque eu os amo demais


Before I recently retired, I worked in a U.S. government job that I loved but which redefined stress in the workplace. My colleagues and I learned to look for the simple pleasures of our jobs through Mooch and the little pink sock. One of my buddies actually had a pink sock fastened to her cubicle wall. So, thank you, Patrick, for helping us get through the day.

Veronica Wake

I have been a shelter volunteer at a municipal shelter for almost 8 years now. When I started there, they had a kill rate of over 400 homeless pets a year. Horrifying!!! Through the work of our volunteer group and our awesome new kennel manager, the shelter is practically a no-kill facility. We are overjoyed!! Every time you publish a “shelter story” it touches my heart, makes me cry either for joy or sadness that one more fur baby is still in a cage, and drives me to help more homeless animals to find their fur-ever homes. Thank you for your continued work to save innocent lives, raise awareness, and assist helpless, precious souls find loving homes. Reggie’s story and Riley’s story in November 2016 are examples of the touching stories you tell to promote shelter pet adoptions. THANK YOU!!!

Connie McGee

I had read MUTTS in the paper comics for quite some time. We had an elder cat, PB, and we wanted to adopt another. Our local shelter ran ad for Tommy. He stole our hearts. He came to our house and we renamed him Sandy, for his very fair orange color. Around this time MUTTS has a comic called “Shelter Stores – TomTom” the date of the strip is 4-29 and I believe it was 1997. I have kept a copy of that strip just because of our “Tommy” That kitty needed a home and our home needed a kitty! I still keep a copy of that strip. We have always adopted from local shelters over the years. Now, I receive MUTTS every day through email and I love seeing the antics every day! Thank you for brightening our days all of these years!


Mutts has been my favorite comic for many years. I display the comics at work to raise awareness for the causes that Patrick espouses in his artwork: shelter animals, endangered wildlife, protecting the environment, and spay/neuter day. The Mutts characters have been great ambassadors for teaching people about these issues, and they bring a smile to my face every day. (My favorite comic features the shelter cat with one eye. I adopted a black cat who had lost an eye and named him Blackbeard. He’s the sweetest, most loving kitty. Thank you, Patrick, for doing a story about shelter pets that people often overlook because they aren’t “perfect”. They don’t know what they’re missing!) Michele, Chapel Hill, NC

Michele Clark