The coronavirus pandemic has created turbulence in the lives of people and organizations all over the world, and that includes animal shelters and rescue groups.

In these uncertain times, shelter animals are among the many who are depending on us. If you have suddenly found yourself working from home, or with more free time on your hands than usual, please consider fostering an animal from a local shelter or rescue group.

Fostering helps to socialize and create safe environments for adoptable animals, and it frees up space in shelters for newly homeless animals. Plus, fostering is great for humans, too! Caring for an animal, even temporarily, provides a sense of mutual companionship for people of all ages and walks of life, which is especially valuable during this time of social distancing and isolation.

If you’re unable to foster, you can still make a difference by helping us spread the word! We created the following fostering-related images for use on social media, and our friends at the Petco Foundation have already distributed them to their shelter partners. Now, we invite you to download and share them, too.

Want to read more about helping animals during the COVID-19 crisis? A recent article from The Cut, titled “How to Help Animals Shelters During the Coronavirus Pandemic,” includes more information about fostering, as well as additional ideas for how to help shelters in your area.

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