To celebrate 25 years of MUTTS, we asked readers to tell us what the strip means to them, and to share some of their best memories of Mooch, Earl, and the rest of the crew.

We are so appreciative of the messages we continue to receive, and we will post your responses throughout the coming months — so please comment below if you have additional memories to share. Thank you for your love and support!

Published October 20, 2019

“I know that MUTTS is influenced by the works of past great cartoonists like Herriman and Segar. I went to the NCSFest and listened to Mr. McDonnell talk about MUTTS and give a chalk talk and then appear on a panel about George Herriman. There was also a NCS Popeye art show where cartoonists drew little tributes to the immortal sailor man. In it Mr. McDonnell had drawn and watercolored a tiny little happy Jeep who could have easily been Mooch or Earl’s pal. Mooch and Earl to me carry on a tradition of past cartooning. Even though I can’t see them, I’m sure just in the next yard or behind a bush I’d find Snoopy, or Spooky, or Krazy or the Jeep. I’m sure Mooch and Earl know them.” — Dale C.

Published March 17, 2017

“Mooch and his little pink sock remind me of all the cats I’ve loved that had an affinity for socks. It also reminds me to find joy in the little things.” — Kait M.

Published March 27, 2005

“I discovered MUTTS shortly after my father died. The first MUTTS book collection and several others were in his library. That was 2004. I have been an avid reader and collector of MUTTS items ever since. As much as I love the two “boys,” my favorite character is Shtinky Puddin’, aka “Jules.” I love all the strips that he’s in but there is one special one where he is writing a letter to a tiger. It’s from several years back. That he wants to save tigers is one of his most endearing qualities. I love tigers, too.” — Mary Preston

Published November 3, 2019

“Recently in mute mode, I turned on the TV. It was the news, you could tell the politicians were angry, frowning, waving their arms, pointing fingers, very upset — so I turned off the TV. I feel our entire U.S. country is so angry over too many issues, taking it out on innocent people. Then I read the daily MUTTS: Hey Jules, what’cha doing? I’ve started an ‘endangered list.’ What’s on it? Empathy, compassion, kindness etc.

“Then I started to cry! I cut it out of the paper, and it’s on the front of our refrigerator. Thanks for continuing with daily comic strips we can relate to in our own lives. There’s a lot of love in them; I’m a fan!” — Connie D.

Published July 13, 2003

“If I had to choose a favorite MUTTS cartoon, I would have to choose the one which hung on my refrigerator for years where Mooch wants to bring about world peace by asking everyone to do all they can to make their kitties purr, thus creating a huge purr throughout the cosmos. I think Patrick does much the same thing every day by creating a huge smile throughout the cosmos. There just aren’t words enough to express my appreciation for the gift of MUTTS. Boundless blessings to you!” — Ariel Riter

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Comments (9)

My earliest favorite was one of the first Mutts strips I’d seen. (ca 2003?) Mooch is beside himself because Earl purred. Since then, I’ve too many favorites to count. Patrick, I so admire your talent.

Bob Remonte

My wife and I have always been fans of Mutts since the beginning! In 1995, we found two abandoned kittens in a park (or they found us), sitting next to my truck’s front tire. They were little more than skin and bones, and we brought them home, nursed them back to health, and they became family. The brother and sister, Tiger and Sundae, were very bonded together, and they reminded us of Mooch and Earl in the daily adventures they had with us, including two moves, the second one bringing us from California to Nashville. Tiger became my shadow and best buddy; and when he crossed the rainbow bridge after 17 years, your books, and especially Jules’ courageous crusade to save the tigers, inspired me to write my own book sharing Tiger’s story, called My Best Little Buddy. We used Tiger’s story to raise money for Nashville Cat Rescue, so that other rescue cats could find their forever homes like Tiger and Sundae had with us. Our love of Mutts led to the adoption of our two fur babies, which led to the book, which led to helping Nashville Cat Rescue, and led to the adoption of many more rescue cats, including two new fur babies for us, Lucky and Missy. Thank you Patrick for your inspiration!

Tom Templeman

My favorite Mutts cartoon is a cross between the one I just read and the one that will come next. Well to be completely honest every cartoon and anything Mutts related is my favorite. On occasion it is the one bright moment of my day besides my wonderful constant rescue dog.

Ellen Des Jardines

Well, I couldn’t agree more with Mary Preston who wrote in about Shtinky Puddin’ (Jules). He is also my very favorite. I have saved every strip I have seen with him in it. In fact, when I was first introduced to Mutts, it was right around the time that Earl and Mooch were introduced to HIM, I believe, when he had fallen down a well or something. And, you know, Earl and Mooch are both so sweet that I can’t even remember for sure which one of them it was who jumped down into the well with Shtinky because, although he couldn’t help him, he didn’t want the little guy to have to be down there alone. That’s my earliest memory of Mutts, and I have loved reading the strip every day since.

Camille Vettraino

i have loved this strip for a long time and hope it continues on for many many years to come!!!! Thanks, Patrick!

Pam Reight

Last August I was blessed to go to Alaska and see humpback whales bubble fishing. When I returned home, there was a mutts comic of Mooch and Earl rating a humpback whale breach. It took me right back to my wonder of watching a couple breach at the start of the bubble fishing, and was beautiful!!


My favorite to this day is “This is my what’s it to ya face”

Deborah De Grosse

I first became aware of Mooch and Earl in the book GUARDIANS OF BEING that was written with Ekart Toole. The classical references to Japanese block prints, and Andrew Wyeth were touching. They also helped me to rethink my relationships with my own cats Marmalade and Muffy. I was able to see how my previous cats (now deceased) were teaching me lessons, and how much I still have to learn from Marmalade and Muffy now. One of my favorite images was of a dog (I believe it was Earl) who was telling his Alpha “Heal!”

Douglas Hickman

I love reading all these comments and I agree with all of them about how wonderful Mutts is. It lifts my spirits every day. I love all the characters💛

Maria Cortese