Little Pink Sock Catnip Toys

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Product Description
Mooch wants to share his favorite toy with your kitty! Our ever-popular Little Pink Socks are made in the USA and filled with organic catnip grown in Washington state. Available in packs of two or four, each sock measures 3.5" x 4.5" and is made of super soft pink fabric. These all-natural gourmet treats will have your pampered kitty singing, "Little Pink Sock, Little Pink Sock!" Available exclusively at!
Product Details
  • Material(s)Micro-Fiber Fleece/Velour Like Fabric
  • Care and CleaningBrush With Damp Cloth
  • Dimensions3.5 x 4.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight1 pound
  • OriginUSA Made

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Adrienne Possenti

We had a similar experience as another customer who wrote about the neighborhood kitties tearing into the "Little Pink Sock" package that was left at her door by the delivery person. When a pair of "Little Pink Socks" arrived in our the mail, before I even opened the package Scarlet and Yoko were drooling on the envelope. The girls have worn out that pair, so now it is time for a new pair of "Little Pink Socks". Thank you all my friends at Mutts.



Last Christmas I ordered 10 packages of 2 sox each to give as gifts. Since the grey plastic bag with the sox was too big to put in my mailbox, my mail person left the package on my front step. When I returned home, I found little pink soc all over the sidewalk. The neighborhood kitties smelled the delicious catnip and tore open the grey plastic bag and broke into the individual clear plastic bags with 2 sox each. I had to laugh when I saw the sox all over my front sidewalk. I was not angry. It was too funny. I wish I had taken a photo.


Donna Donelan

Love your products and they make great gifts!


Dolly Peeps

Last year I bought two sets and gave one set away as a Christmas gift. Now I have only two pink socks and six cats. Diesel, my big boy, hogs one and sleeps with it under his chin so no one else can have it. I'm buying more sets for my poor sockless kitties and more sets for friends with cats. =^ . ^=


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