February 9 2024, Daily Comic Strip

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Signed by Patrick?
In this MUTTS strip, Mooch and Earl are in bed when Mooch says, "Before we hibernate, Earl, I need to shay my prayers." He closes his eyes and prays, "God blessh Earl and Shmillie and Shtinky and Noodles and Sourpuss and Shparky and Chickpea and Chickpea's Brother and ..." Earl interrupts and says, "For goodness' sake — God bless everybody!" Mooch replies, "I'm trying!"

Product Details

Artwork Size
14.5" x 4.5" & 12.25" x 4"
Paper Type
80 lb, acid-free Re-Forested Paper
Paper Size
17" x 11"
Embossed seal

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