July 30 2020, Daily Comic Strip

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Signed by Patrick?
This MUTTS strip shows Olive Oyl, Crabby, and Popeye on a boat. Olive Oyl asks, "Popeye, are you talking to him about renting our boat?" Popeye answers, "Yup." Olive Oyl asks, "But how can you communicate with a lowly crab?" Crabby turns to her, clearly offended, as Popeye replies, "Easy." Crabby says something in his unique language, and Olive Oyl is shocked. Popeye says, "We speak the same language."

Product Details

Artwork Size
14.5" x 4.5" & 12.25" x 4"
Paper Type
80 lb, acid-free Re-Forested Paper
Paper Size
17" x 11"
Embossed seal

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