August 6 2020, Daily Comic Strip

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Signed by Patrick?
This MUTTS strip shows Crabby saying, "Popeye, I've rescued the Pearl of Wisdom, so we can now set sail for home!" as he holds up the pearl. "What?" Popeye asks. "You mean I don't get to eats me spinach and fights someone!?! Pooey! I'm disgustipated. What a wasted day!" The Pearl of Wisdom replies, "Tsk...Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." "The day is still young, Pearly!" exclaims Popeye.

Product Details

Artwork Size
14.5" x 4.5" & 12.25" x 4"
Paper Type
80 lb, acid-free Re-Forested Paper
Paper Size
17" x 11"
Embossed seal

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