September 12 2021, Sunday Comic Strip

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Signed by Patrick?
In this colorful MUTTS comic, Doozy has brought Mooch to school and tells her teacher, "Yes, ma'am - the cat is my 'show-and-tell.'" Her teacher asks, "And what is he going to 'show' us today?" On cue, Mooch begins coughing and hacking, eventually coughing up a hairball. Both Doozy and Mooch point to the hairball in answer to the teacher's question. Outside, while they sit beneath a tree, Mooch tells Earl, "Then I shcratched the teacher's desk for extra credit."

Product Details

Artwork Size
14.5" x 4.5" & 12.25" x 4"
Paper Type
80 lb, acid-free Re-Forested Paper
Paper Size
17" x 11"
Embossed seal

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