November 29 2020, Sunday Comic Strip

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Signed by Patrick?
This colorful MUTTS strip shows The Shphinx talking to Chippy. Chippy says, "O all-knowing Shphinx, there's a new shwami in town!" The Shphinx looks surprised. The Shphinx says, "What? I didn't know that!" Sourpuss appears wearing a headwrap. "Ha!" says The Shphinx. "There he be!" says Chippy while pointing. The Shphinx asks "Okay, all-wise guy, what's the shecret of happiness?" "Do not argue with a fool," answers Sourpuss. "I dish-agree," says The Shphinx. "Yes, you are right," replies Sourpuss.

Product Details

Artwork Size
14.5" x 4.5" & 12.25" x 4"
Paper Type
80 lb, acid-free Re-Forested Paper
Paper Size
17" x 11"
Embossed seal

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