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It’s the 20th Anniversary of MUTTS Shelter Stories!

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On November 1, 1998, Patrick McDonnell published the very first MUTTS “Shelter Stories” comic strip in honor of National Animal Shelter Awareness Week! The image featured Shtinky Puddin’ praising the shelter angels who fed, washed, and held him when he was lost — so he wouldn’t “feel so alone in this big ol’ world.”

, Sunday Comic Strip

In the last two decades, animals of all shapes, sizes, and species have appeared in Patrick’s biannual Shelter Stories series. Just like the animals who find themselves in real shelters, some were wayward pets looking for their guardians. Others were abandoned or “surrendered,” or strays hoping to find forever homes. Many found new, happy lives with adoptive families. Some waited. And waited …

, Daily Comic Strip

Over the years we’ve received many messages from readers who said they were moved to adopt or volunteer as a result of MUTTS Shelter Stories. We’re grateful for these letters and and feel humbled to play a small role in making the world a better place for shelter animals.

Would you like to bring the joy of MUTTS Shelter Stories into your home, or share it with a fellow animal lover? Check out Shelter Stories: Love Guaranteed, a touching book that pairs more than 70 reader-submitted photos with 100+ Shelter Stories comic strips. For 2019, we’ve also created a Shelter Stories-themed Wall Calendar and Desk Calendar, both of which include special sections with tips for adopters.

You can also browse hundreds of Shelter Stories comic strips at the MUTTS Shop, where every purchase helps animals. Here are just a few of our favorites:

, Sunday Comic Strip

, Daily Comic Strip

, Sunday Comic Strip

, Daily Comic Strip

, Daily Comic Strip

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6 thoughts on “It’s the 20th Anniversary of MUTTS Shelter Stories!

  1. […] antics of Mooch and Earl because they really brighten my day.  Patrick McDonnell started the Shelter Stories series 20 years ago in honor of National Animal Shelter Awareness Week. A few years ago I had the pleasure […]

  2. […] of his strips from his Shelter Stories series to each of the volunteers. How cool is that? (Very!) McDonnell created the Shelter Stories series over 20 years ago in honor of National Animal Shelter Awareness […]

  3. If I went to a shelter I would want every single one.. I have been so lucky to have had cats simply walk in my door – Even a pet store adoption makes me yearn to adopt them all. I have always wished for a pregnant stray to need a safe place to have kittens. They would not leave me. Never has happened. I support TNR and this has reduced my chances and I am content with that trade-off. I have had orange cats since I was four/five. Many decades ago. I am looking at one now. But I have also had all colors – only two girls though. Most have lived long (15-19 yrs) and when they passed I felt they went to the cosmos and became bright new stars. We now have two- tots – 3.5 years and one is a feral rescue who is still growing. He is HUGE – maybe part Bengal. Grey and white! Named Chick Savoy. Our sweet girl is a socially inept orange with golden eyes. Olive Olay. Are they spoiled and pampered? Do they have the best vet in the world? Do we keep them in to keep them safe (a hard decision too). Do we adore them? Yes to every one. In exchange for all we think we do – they do so much more. If you are sad, lonely or
    out of sorts with yourself – visit your local shelter and change your life. Bring a friend. Be your best you and find your best one (or two or …). One day we will save them all.

    1. Animals are necessary in my life; they are a natural part of me. After reading your post I thought I should respond to it. 18 months ago a litter of kittens was born right outside my bedroom window. My housemate and I had already been feeding this little cat that had adopted me. A week after meeting her she started to expand and I realized why she found me. The day she had her kittens (six in all) was the day I knew I was sent a particularly special present. My almost 18-year-old Maine Coon (who I rescued when she was 5 weeks old) ended up passing away I nly one month after the kittens were born. Mama was a stray; her babies feral. I placed three and kept three. Now my old dog and I have four cats flying around the house and I couldn’t be happier.

    2. Love this, Chloe. A question: What is TNR?

      1. TNR is Trap, Neuter, Release

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