As you’ve likely already noticed, our reliable pals Mooch and Earl have been pitching in with this year’s holiday marketing efforts. And they’re doing an outstanding job! (For instance, have you checked out the MUTTS 2016 Holiday Gift Guide?)

Our duo’s newest creation, the 2016 MUTTS Mini Holiday Gift Guide, is below. It includes a few of their favorite picks from the MUTTS store — or, as they put it, “gifts that’ll make your tail wag.”

MUTTS Mini Holiday Gift Guide

  1. MUTTS 2017 Desk Calendar
  2. MUTTS 2017 Wall Calendar
  3. Signed Canvas Prints
  4. “Living the Dream” T-Shirt
  5. “Animal Friendly” T-Shirt
  6. “Stop and Smell the Roses” T-Shirt
  7. “Cat Crazy” T-Shirt

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