Something a little different — for this month we created a video for the newsletter.

I had just received the preliminary, unbound version of my MUTTS anniversary book The Art of Nothing — scheduled for release on October 15 — and the MUTTS team thought is would be fun to give you a sneak peek.

I’m looking forward to sharing the book with you this fall. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it.

Thanks for watching.

And, speaking of books, I can highly recommend Greta Thunberg’s No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference. She is an inspiration and has a message we all need to hear.


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I just LOVE the video. Since the very first book, I’ve always bought 2 copies…1 for me, and 1 for a friend. We have them all,


Love you & Mutts, my everyday addiction! :-) Thanks so much for sharing this awesome preview. Looking forward to this purchase. I’m sure I speak for multitudes of others when I say I’m so grateful that you share your talents. Keep the joy coming! God bless you! Lori in TN

Lori Reagan

Looks really lovely!
Now, off topic – ENOUGH of the crab already – it’s gone on too long. Stop. On to a new topic, please.


Patrick, I’ve loved your work & all your Mutts for a long time. I’m excited about your new book & it’s cool to see you excited as well! <3


Wonderful!! Your view of the world is refreshing. Your characters start my day with a smile. Thank you!

David S Zack

Something wonderful to look forward to, just as I do every day to see the latest adventures. PS – I LOVE it when they vacation at the beach (and I enjoy the crabs, too!)

Elizabeth Brown

Thanks for the peek—can’t wait! Also love Greta & I’m glad she’s on your radar. Maybe we’ll see her in Mutts?!:)😍

Pamela Cappello

I’ve loved your strip as long as you’ve written it as did and does my daughter Amanda, now 25. She’s a 3rd year vet student at UC Davis who became a vegan the first day of her class on treating food animals.
She was SO excited with your strips last week about the butcher becoming vegan, as was I.
Thank you for your wonderful art, your humor, your gentle, abiding love of animals and all you’ve done through your column to raise visibility for endangered and shelter animals.
My Dad founded the Endangered Wolf Center here in St. Louis in 1971 and next year is obviously our 50th Anniversary.
Thank you for all your strips about wolves too.
With admiration and gratitude,
Marguerite Perkins Garrick

Marguerite Garrick