Hello, friends!  

Can you believe it’s almost time for warmer weather, April showers, and blooming flowers? 

Along with all the plants we’re hoping to nurture in our gardens this season, we’re also excited to be planting kindness everywhere we go. Here are a few of the ways that compassion is blossoming here at MUTTS. 

A Compassionate Revolution Is Blooming

Inspired by Patrick’s newest book, Heart to Heart, and its call for a compassionate revolution, we asked you to share your stories about how you spread kindness. We’ve received so many lovely notes from the MUTTS community. Check out just a few of the ways readers like you are planting kindness near and far: 

  • Andrea B. K. volunteers with Letters Against Isolation to write letters to individuals in senior facilities to let them know they are loved; 
  • Kat is a graphic designer who volunteers her time and skills to create promotional materials and t-shirts for the humane society; and
  • Bob R. and his neighbors walk their neighborhood each day to collect litter. 

Want to read more notes of kindness and compassion? Head to our Facebook or Instagram page to read more heartwarming stories. Want to share your story? Whether it’s a volunteer opportunity you participate in, a random act of kindness, or a time when someone was a friend to you when you needed it most, check out this blog post to learn how you can submit your own story. 

A New Way To Give Back Is Coming Soon

We have a fun sneak peek for you: we’re working on an exciting way for you to give back through the MUTTS Shop and One Tree Planted. Keep an ear out for an announcement coming soon! In the meantime, get inspired by our newest Plant Kindness collection to get your paws on fun, groovy new items. 

More Ways to Plant Kindness This Spring

Feeling inspired to grow some good this season? Check out some of our favorite ideas for planting kindness in your community:

  • Invite your friends to walk around your local park and pick up trash
  • Reach out and ask your local animal shelter how you can help
  • Call a friend who might be lonely
  • Speak up for animals whenever you can 
  • Add pollinator-friendly plants to your garden
  • Go plant-based

We hope that this month brings you joy, peace, and flower power. 

Hugs and wags,


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