Working as a member of Team MUTTS isn’t always fun and games and comics. But most days it is. 😉

Whether we’re designing new products, responding to readers’ questions, or creating fun content for the blog and social media, we sure spend a lot of time talking and thinking about the MUTTS characters and their adventures. Sounds funny, but it kind of feels like they’ve become real members of our families. Do you ever feel that way about Earl or Mooch or the rest of the gang?

Since we love MUTTS so much, we decided to pick a few of our personal favorite strips and share them with each other (and you). Enjoy!

Matt Wenner (Developer, Web Support):
“The first is my favorite in a series of strips inspired by the Big Lebowski. The second is my favorite strip featuring Sid the goldfish. When I started working here, I worked on order fulfillment. At the time, we had ‘business cards’ that went into each shipment, saying the order was packed by a specific character. In my case, I was Sid. I still have one of those cards, and both strips are hanging on the wall in my living room.”

“Abide” October 9, 2010 | Buy
Abide MUTTS Comic Strip

“I Could Use a Drink” April 27, 1996 | Buy
Drink Sid the Fish MUTTS Comic Strip

Elena Nazzaro (Art Director):
“Butchie strips just seem to lend themselves to puns or ‘Dad’ jokes, and this one gets me EVERY TIME. I also love the fact that while a cat and dog are in the Fatty Snax Deli, waving their paws around and holding a pickle, Butchie’s expression doesn’t change one bit from panel to panel. He’s that cool. My other honorable mentions include the cats-are-better-than-dogs rain dance and the one where Shtinky is building an ark to go to Paul McCartney’s house.”

“Hold the Pickle” May 18, 2003 |Buy
Hold the Pickle MUTTS Comic Strip

“Rain Dance” April 11, 1999 | Buy
Rain Dance MUTTS Comic Strip

“Paul McCartney’s House” August 20, 2004 | Buy
Paul McCartney's House MUTTS Comic Strip

Nikki Tramontana (Designer):
“I have so many favorites! But this one with bed-hogging Mooch and Earl’s little tail ‘fwips’ always makes me smile.”

“Wiggle Room” January 6, 2010 | Buy
Wiggle Room MUTTS Comic Strip

Nichole Chobin (Business Manager):
One of my all-time favorites is the strip where a dog goes to work every day but doesn’t realize he’s supposed to be getting paid for it. And a print that always tugs at my heart is the one from November 2001, about animals driving people to shelters so they can get adopted.

“I Have to Talk to HR” March 27, 2011 | Buy
Talk to HR MUTTS Comic Strip

“I’d Drive You Here Myself” November 4, 2001 | Buy
Adoption MUTTS Comic Strip

Ali Datko (Writer):
“The bond between human and dog is something that’s very close to my heart, so I always gravitate toward strips featuring Ozzie and Earl. One of my favorites is where they’re on the beach at night, talking about how there’s billions of stars and grains of sand — yet somehow they still found each other.”

“… and You and Me” August 21, 2016 | Buy
You and Me MUTTS Comic Strip

Readers, which strips are your favorite? Email us at with a link, description, or picture of your favorite MUTTS comic strip, and tell us why you love it! We might even feature your message in an upcoming blog post!

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