'Gift of Nothing' Set

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Give the gift of nothing, but love! This heartfelt set includes one signed copy of The Gift of Nothing, one copy of The Little Gift of Nothing Board Book, and one (official) Gift of Nothing box. 

  • The Gift of NothingThis simple, critically acclaimed story follows beloved MUTTS character Mooch the cat as he attempts to find the perfect gift for his friend Earl the dog. Ultimately, Mooch presents Earl with something priceless and far more special than anything for sale at a store — the gift of nothing. This item includes a bookplate that has been hand-signed by Patrick McDonnell (exclusive to MUTTS)!
  • The Little Gift of Nothing Board Book: This board book offers a shortened adaptation of the critically acclaimed perennial favorite The Gift of Nothing. 
  • The (Official) Gift of Nothing Box: If you're searching for a truly meaningful and memorable holiday gift, join us in celebrating The Gift of Nothing Day (recognized on or around December 15). This keepsake box is made with eco-friendly materials and decorated with images from The Gift of Nothing.


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