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Children’s Event at Family Shelter Features Appearances from MUTTS Characters

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Last month, Team MUTTS was invited to lend its support to a fun event hosted by Theater Arts Festival for Youth (a.k.a TAFFY Presents), a non-profit organization that brings live creative performances to families in hospitals, schools, libraries and shelters. Attendees included children and families from three Virginia-based family shelters, and the activities revolved around a shared love for animals! The event featured a face painter, a musician, a balloon animal artist, and a magician known as Lorenzo the Great, whose performance included a special appearance by our favorite feline pal Mooch!

Below are a few photos from the event (shared with permission).

MUTTS Mooch and Earl Face Paint
Our favorite furry duo! Applied by face painter Natalia Malley.


Children's Drawing of Lion
After a group discussion about loving all animals, one of the children created a colorful picture of a lion.


Magician with Mooch the Cat
Lorenzo the Great made Mooch the cat magically appear from an empty box!


MUTTS Stickers
During a craft activity, the young attendees used MUTTS stickers to create animal-friendly works of art.


Children Playing with Guitar
Musician Margot Bevington performed sing-along animal songs and encouraged the kids to pick guitar strings to test out their own musical abilities!

Many thanks to TAFFY Presents for including us in this event and, most importantly, for bringing fun performances and animal education to children and their families!

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One thought on “Children’s Event at Family Shelter Features Appearances from MUTTS Characters

  1. What a wonderful way to reach out to these kids! Great variety of active and passive activities, evidenced by the photos above. I especially like the “Lorenzo the Great” and face-painting elements. You brought some childhood fun into these kids’ lives today.

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