'Love Them All' Tee

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Tees with a fresh fit and new, looser sizing! Read closely to learn what makes these tees so special and find the best fit for you. 

  • New sizing! View the size chart, and know that you may want to adjust your size from our BELLA+CANVAS shirts. We recommend measuring your current favorite shirt and finding the corresponding size on the size chart.
  • The Original Dirt to Shirt Tee: Every step in the supply chain, beginning with the farmer who grew the cotton, takes place in the U.S. — all within an area of less than 800 miles!
  • Fully compostable: Made with 100% cotton fibers, durable stitching, reinforced seams, this tee was consciously designed to minimize waste and be recycled back into earth after its lifespan. 
  • Innovative, Earth-friendly printing: Using water-based inks and a new printing process, the tee's artwork has a super-soft feel that never cracks, peels, or fades.

The latest arrival in our Love All Animals collection, our "Love Them All" steel blue short-sleeve tee features Mooch, Earl, Sparky, and Shtinky alongside their wild animal companions with the phrase "Love them all."

These tees are totally different from our BELLA+CANVAS tees, so please check our updated sizing chart before ordering to choose the purrfect fit for you. 


If you're a longtime MUTTS fan, you might remember this beloved, super-comfy tee style from many years ago made in collaboration with TS Designs, a sustainability-focused clothing company based in Burlington, North Carolina. 

Our friends at TS Designs are champions of "circularity," which means creating items that are consciously designed, produced, used, and then recycled or upcycled back into the system with the goal of minimizing waste and extending a product's lifespan. 

Each tee has a traceable supply chain, all the way from the farmer who grew the cotton to your doorstep. And the whole process takes place within an area of 800 miles or less in the U.S. (Did you know? Between harvesting, spinning, sewing, and printing, most other t-shirt materials travel 13,000 miles or more before they reach your doorstep.)


Product Details

Care and cleaning
Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low
100% U.S.-Grown Cotton
Printed With Water-Based Inks
Made in the USA

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