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These 4 Drawings From Readers Inspired the Newest MUTTS Shelter Stories

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Earlier this year, we invited animal lovers of all ages to channel their inner artists by sending us shelter, foster, and adoption stories in the form of written or illustrated comics. We’ve loved seeing your submissions and are so very appreciative of the time taken to create and submit your heartfelt stories.

Four of these reader-submitted illustrations inspired Patrick’s newest MUTTS Shelter Stories comic strips, which were published this month in newspapers around the world! Below, see Patrick’s renderings alongside the original artwork from readers.

Submitted by Margaret Donnelly (Laconia, New Hampshire)


Published November 4, 2020


Submitted by Scott Pensak (Edison, New Jersey)


Published November 5, 2020


Submitted by Jonathan Guzzo (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


Published November 6, 2020


Submitted by Sabine Richter


Published November 7, 2020


Want to see more of Patrick’s Shelter Stories comic strips from over the years? Browse hundreds of images at the MUTTS Print Shop.


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6 thoughts on “These 4 Drawings From Readers Inspired the Newest MUTTS Shelter Stories

  1. The drawings were so heart wrenching but so touching. Thank you from myself and my 2 sweet rescues I’d be lost without!

  2. I loved this set of strips, especially the one on 11/6. I have that situation at home but with two females. I adopted Petunia, a 7# Chihuahua, over ten years ago. Then I adopted Nugget, a 3# Chihuahua, about 3 years ago. As soon as brought Nugget home, she cuddled up next to Petunia and has not left her side since. She loves to clean Petunia’s eyes and Petunia is so patient with her. She just accepted Nugget with no reserves. Thank you for highlighting shelter stories. I have worked for a humane society for 28 years and know how much love happens when an adoption occurs. Thank you so much for bringing this forward.

  3. I love the strip of the two dogs that was published on 11/6. I have the same situation in my home but with two females. My Petunia is a 7 pound Chihuahua that has been with me for over ten years. A few years ago, I brought home a 3# Chihuahua named Nugget. She immediately curled up next to Petunia and they have been inseparable ever since. Petunia never complained but just accepted Nugget right away. Nugget loves to clean Petunia’s eyes and snuggle around her wherever she is. That particular strip really touched my heart. I have worked at a shelter for 28 years and understand what the love of a pet can do for a person. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to telling shelter stories.

  4. I work at an animal shelter. These stories/drawings always make me so happy… I want to say, “Yes! Yes! (or Yesh! Yesh!) That’s it excatly!” Thank you for inspiring people to adopt and create!

  5. Such wonderful contributions by your talented fans! Beautiful feelings brought a tear to my eye. Love them all…

    1. These are simply “the Best” Dogs play a very special part in our lives. We save a dogs life, they save our life!

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