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‘MUTTS Go Green,’ Now Available for Purchase, Featured in Story Monsters Ink Magazine

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Exciting news! Signed copies of Patrick McDonnell’s new book MUTTS Go Green: Earth-Friendly Tips and Comic Strips are now available for purchase at the MUTTS Shop, where every purchase helps to rescue animals in need!

In his own words Patrick explains: “MUTTS Go Green is a fun collection of my favorite MUTTS comic strips, with an important pro-environment theme. It celebrates the innate love all children have for animals and nature, and provides easy tips for everyone, no matter your age, to help protect the beauty of our precious planet.”

This brand-new book — printed on recycled paper — has already been featured at Comic Book Resources, received positive reviews on Goodreads, and was even included in EcoWatch’s list “10 Environmental Books We’re Reading This Spring“!

Most recently, Patrick discussed Go Green with Story Monsters Ink® magazine, an award-winning publication for teachers, librarians, and parents. (Common content includes feature profiles on renowned and newly published authors, book reviews, movie reviews, and more.)

Patrick’s feature appears in Story Monsters’ April 2021 issue, which also features a cover interview with actor and author Hilary Duff. In his piece, Patrick discusses his own journey — from being a five-year-old with a dream of becoming a cartoonist to eventually taking that leap of faith with MUTTS in 1994.

“It was going to be a lot of work, but I had wanted to have a daily comic strip my whole life. I felt I had to try,” says Patrick.

Patrick also reminisces on his experiences writing his first children’s book, The Gift of Nothing, in 2005. The book became a New York Times bestseller and in 2014 was adapted into a children’s musical.

Today, with MUTTS Go Green, Patrick encourages children to be kind to animal friends and the earth. The book provides kid-friendly tips on going green and discusses the importance of learning more about animals.

You can read Patrick’s full Story Monsters interview here. If you’re interested in more content from the magazine, we also encourage you to sign up for a free one-year digital subscription.

And of course, don’t forget to fetch a copy of MUTTS Go Green for yourself or for a fellow animal and nature lover today.

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