To celebrate 25 years of MUTTS, we’re asking readers to tell us what the strip means to them and to share some of their best memories of Mooch, Earl, and the rest of the crew.

We are appreciative of all the messages we’ve received, and we will continue responses throughout the coming months — so please comment below if you have memories to share. Thank you for the love!

“I have been involved in dog rescuing for over 20 years. I use these comics to further the cause. Thank you for supporting this important cause.” — Carolyn Fine Ellington

Published June 20, 2017

“I love the joy all your adopted characters show! So many people still have a stigma about rescue animals. It’s important to show them having a happy and fulfilling life. You’re a great ambassador for the world of animal rescue!” — Jim DeVries

Published June 16, 2013

“I’ve always saved the Shelter Stories strips. I’d put them on the fridge so my husband could see them, and I think more than a few times, I saw a tear or two in his eyes. Guard Dog is my favorite. He breaks my heart every time, but I know he has hope, and so do I. I could not live without MUTTS!” — Bev Kerwin

Published September 15, 2019

“I volunteer at a thrift shop that supports our local shelter. I frame Shelter Stories and place them around the shop as a reminder of what we are there for.” — Lynne Sorlye

Published May 7, 2020

“The Shelter Stories speak to me. I rescued my first dog about ten years ago, and she has been a life-changer for me. Minnie is my constant companion, and the reason I can’t wait to get home. Shelter Stories are my favorite by far!” — Adita Corrales

Published February 13, 2016

“As a rescue dog mom and a rescue dog transporter, I love how MUTTS gently gets the message out on the need to rescue and adopt with your charming characters telling their stories.” — Laura Mirmino-Jones

Published May 6, 2018


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Comments (16)

You are such a Blessing to all of the animals in shelters in encouraging people to adopt …. our shelter dog is almost 4 and we just love him. Thank you so much for all you do … for us and for the needy pets.

Bev Hatch

- Could not live without them ! “So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” [unknown ?]

April Hutchings

I just rescued my 3rd Pitt a month ago. Nothing is better than the love in their eyes when they realize they are safe. Honestly who rescued who?

Nancy Storms

I love the Shelter Stories! One of them several years ago reminded me of when we went to the shelter to adopt a dog. It was “Andy” and I cut each day’s strip out and saved it. When we got to one of the kennels a 6 month old cocker/terrier mix climbed up on the cage and got as close to me as possible. I knew immediately that she was the dog for us. As we were driving home after adopting her, she was trying her best to be on my lap. She was the best dog ever. She lived to be 17. We currently have 4 cats who were all strays. Thank you for the variety of stories you share in your strip. Thank you especially for the Shelter Stories.

Sheri D.

I always have loved the Mutts strip where the Moon comes and pets the guard dog’s head. I love the guard dog and those strips make me cry.

Susan L Hall

Happy to bring home kitties to their furrever home. Always make it a point to adopt older cats, especially the black ones- they are usually passed by but truly make the best companions anyone could ever ask for. Adopt from your local shelter, you are saving not one life but two, the one you bring home and the spot you just opened up.

Kat Malanga