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What MUTTS Means to You: “I Am Not Alone in This World”

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To celebrate 26 years of MUTTS, we’re asking readers to tell us what the strip means to them. We are appreciative of all the messages we’ve received, and we will continue to share your responses — so please comment below if you have memories or kind words. Thank you for the love!


“Many comic strips, especially those with cats and dogs (and the Cathy comic strip about a single woman) confirm that I am not alone in this world. It’s a comfort.” — Trina

Published November 7, 2020


“Mooch and Earl got me through the most difficult time of my life. Their honest little hearts kept mine from breaking completely when my husband died. The way they see the world, with such love and positivity, kept me going. I suppose I should say thank you Patrick, because they gave me something to look forward to every day when I thought my life was over.” — Julia F.

Published January 23, 2009


“I get MUTTS delivered to my inbox at work so everyday before I start I read your comic strip. It starts my day with a smile or a thought that I take a moment to dwell on before I begin. I can’t think of a better way to start the day than considering kindness and caring!” — Patti H.

Published February 22, 2007


“As someone fortunate enough to have lived her whole life surrounded by wonderful, magical, perfection-in-a-fur-suit dogs, MUTTS has always captured those pet-life moments that mean so, so much, yet are so, so hard to put into words. From the heart-exploding joy of seeing your new best friend for the first time at the shelter, to that heart-shattering last goodbye. MUTTS always finds the words and the images to express what every pet lover feels in their soul.” — Loki B.

Published August 5, 2001


“Cannot begin a day without experiencing my MUTTS gang … So glad I get the daily in my inbox! Each morning I start with a smile and giggle, which is the way everyone needs to begin a new day. MUTTS also has a wonderful community, and reading other’s thoughts is always fun and informative.” — Valerie J.

Published September 14, 2006

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14 thoughts on “What MUTTS Means to You: “I Am Not Alone in This World”

  1. I had become disillusioned and disappointed in the comics since so many were snarky and featured mean-spirited humor. Then I found the gentle and uplifting humor of Mutts and it’s brightened every day since. It matches my own peaceable kingdom of cats and dog friends. Mooch and Earl frequently give voice to what’s in my own days and heart. They and their friends make me laugh, smile, and cry. Thank you for bringing such goodness to life.

  2. Our beloved kitty Lucy was a tuxedo just like Mooch and had the same ‘catitude!’ She actually moved 3 doors down to our house when she was about 5 years old. Our neighbor gave us her baby pictures and extra food and treats. Over the years, she showered us with presents like hummingbirds, doves, finches, rats, and geckos. She was environmentally friendly as all her catches were alive and well albeit a bit stunned! She had a voice that could shatter glass and made her opinions known early in the morning on our bed. She only used her kitty door when no one was at home, preferring door service. She was aloof with visitors and would stare down someone sitting in one of her favorite chairs. We had a birthday party for her on her 20th with fellow cat lovers who had visited and heard her stories over the years. She held court in our family room and actually enjoyed the attention . She passed on the morning of July 8, 2020 at 20 yrs and 7 months in her favorite outdoor chair.

    We read The Mutts every morning and have made so many comparisons between Mooch and Lucy, laughing all the way! We miss Lucy very much, but she left us with not only her indelible personality and memories, but our feral kitty Tomasina that she mentored and willed her home and yard and family so that all of us would not be lonely.

  3. I live in a small rural town, on the north coast of Oregon, Pacific Northwest. My family is all in New Jersey-Boston area. And my husband passed away recently,
    I love…that Earl-Mooch and pals, poke their little heads into my heart every morning with wit, and love.
    Today- May 16th, 2021 the sweet sarcasm of the innocents totally cracks me up!!
    Thank you so very much for sharing every day.

    Maranne Doyle Laszlo
    Wheeler, Or. 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

  4. On March 27, 2020 I was found on the floor of my apartment. Yesh, Covid. After 3 & 1/2 weeks on a ventilator, another week in the hospital for observation, I was placed in a rehab/nursing home for 90 days relearning how to swallow and to walk. Being inert for so long I had no muscles to speak of. I couldn’t even sit in a chair without sliding out!
    When I was finally brought home, the FIRST thing I grabbed was my Mutts day by day calendar! I had some catching (happily) up to do! The date on the calendar was March 19. Clueless what happened between the 19th and the 27th. Mutts gave me a timeline of lost days. Thank you! Mooch and Earl helped me piece together days lost. It calmed me down to catch up from March thru July. I got to smile 😃 over and over again. The BEST medicine I could have been prescribed. Really. Joan W
    Thank you Mooch, Earl, Patrick, and the entire Mutts team! 🙏

  5. When I was five years old, even before I could read, for Christmas, my parents gave me a package of Charles M. Schultz’ Peanuts books. As a child, I loved Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the gang…..even to this day, decades later, I still love them. I never thought I could find a comic strip like that again………and yet I have. I love Mutts! I would be hard-pressed to say which I love more. To me, Patrick McDonnell is as great as Charles M. Schultz. When I read Mutts’ comic strip, I experience many emotions, which is meaningful to me. I’m gushing over Mutts … because I think this is the best comic strip around. I’m so glad I found this comic strip a few years back. I am a daily reader now. Thanks for giving me such a meaningful and important comic strip.

  6. My dear Mom was a faithful MUTTS fan, and she enlisted me, much to my daily delight. We had castaway dogs and then expanded to include cats that appeared at our door. Mostly they lived quietly under the porch until they were sure we were suitable parents! We made room for everyone in the house, and, oh the love we all shared. God bless the MUTTS — Patrick’s, ours and yours.
    Louise M.

  7. With all the craziness and turmoil going on, it’s just special to see Mutts, daily, and get a smile and warm feeling that picks me up!

  8. It does not matter the reason I turned my computer on, business or fun (Yesh!), the first thing that I do every day is to go to my email to see what Mooch, Earl and the rest of the Mutts family are up to. They fill my heart with love, laughter and caring. After all, ‘We are all just walking each other home”.

    1. BEautifully put.

  9. Having a pet is such a comfort when you come home. They are there to say hi and miss you with there unconditional love. They are there when your sad and when your happy. This comic strip has word’s that all individual’s should take in when it comes to pets.

  10. I have been reading Mutts since it’s induction! There is nothing better than a wonderfully drawn comic strip that has the words to match. Since the beginning, Mutts has been a ray of sunshine – so much love, positivity and kindness. And now, with so much hate and fear and angst about the future, it is so good to know that people like Patrick exist…somone who spreads warmth and goodness and genrosity through his daily strips. If more people thought like him and used their talents for good, we would be in a much better place. Long live Earl, Mooch, Ozzie, Guard Dog, Crabby, Butchie, Woffie, crazy squirrels and the rest of the gang!

  11. I just love this comic strip. We have more in common than we have differences. We are taught to look at the differences, kind of a me vs you mentality. But the reality is, that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a cat, dog, human, sea crab, grass, tree, bird, rock, etc. we ALL have the same Spirit flowing within us. We are all the same at our core, where it all matters! The differences are superficial. Thank you for warming my heart and soul with this precious comic strip, I look forward to it every day!

  12. It’s Mooch playing with his lil’ pink sock that got me hooked on MUTTS and keeps me coming back for more humour. Mooch and Earl are just such perfect stereotypical examples of the differences between cats and dogs. Cats were once considered gods and they have never forgotten this! Thanks for making us laugh. Vicki A xo

    1. I had your strip featuring the animals walking along and 1 only being rained on by a cloud…the caption ‘it’s just not my day!’..made me remember to go out and MAKE it my day no matter what! So much inspiration, in 1 simple comic strip! 😘

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